Thursday, September 30, 2004

1000 Hits!!!

I know it's probably not a big milestone for people like Josh Rubin: Cool Hunter, Engadget, Gizmodo, or I4U but it is pretty huge for me: a guy with little to no education, no writing experience, hardly any experience with technology, and just a mediocre amount of experience in the world of limited edition, hand-made, or custom items. I freakin' ROCK!!! And so do all of y'all who visit my site. Speaking of which, how 'bout we try to make it 2000 next month, whaddaya say?


Limited Ed. said...

Hey, just 'cause I went to a good school doesn't mean I learned nothing.

Gigi Lee said...

Oh come on, no education or technological experience? I beg to differ my brother. But, I'm glad that you're getting all these hits. It's cause your page is freakin' cool, and because you're so funny. Keep it up and hopefully next month you will rock the 2000.

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