Thursday, September 30, 2004

1000 Hits!!!

I know it's probably not a big milestone for people like Josh Rubin: Cool Hunter, Engadget, Gizmodo, or I4U but it is pretty huge for me: a guy with little to no education, no writing experience, hardly any experience with technology, and just a mediocre amount of experience in the world of limited edition, hand-made, or custom items. I freakin' ROCK!!! And so do all of y'all who visit my site. Speaking of which, how 'bout we try to make it 2000 next month, whaddaya say?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Do Not Trust These BASTARDS!!!

I don't think there are enough exclamation points available in cyberspace to express the severity of my hatred for such promotions as the "Free" Apple 17" iMac G5 offer that I received in my e-mail today. This kind of crap really gets me steamed. And I hate steaming piles of crap!!! Those free iPod promotions were bad enough, but this excrement is the worst. First off, in order to fulfill this offer, you have to sign up to be a guinea pig for product testing, where they send you a bunch of useless crap in the mail and you have to report on it. Next, you have to sign up for a bunch of third-party crappy offers, including AOL and Columbia House, which are the two worst fucking pieces of shit on earth. Then you either have to be accepted for an automobile loan, which I guess means that you have to buy a car, or spend $400.00 on some other crap, just to be eligible for the "free" iMac. Can something really be called "free" if you have to pay at least $400.00 to get it? The answer is NO!!! This shit is not free. This shit is B.S. I am calling BULLSHIT on the Consumer Research Corporation!!! They also want you to trick three of your friends into signing up for this shit so that you can get a free Apple Airport Express. FUCK THAT!!! I hope Engadget and Gizmodo are paying attention so that they don't lead any of their readers to this bogus crap!!! Just having to deal with AOL customer service to cancel their free account is enough to drive a person to kill. Kill! Kill!! KILL!!!

[This message brought to you by the International Council of Pacifists for Murder]

Amazing Cyber-Dog

Engadget, my new favorite gadget website, had a hilarious article yesterday about how to upgrade your organic dog. The best parts of the article are the pictures of Phillip at Engadget's dog. Here's a cute one of the cyberpup next to an AIBO android dog:

His dog looks so sad to be wearing all of the gadgets in all of the other pictures, especially this one:

Where it is wearing the Bow-Lingual Bark Translator. I think the translation of this look would be, "Please, take me out of here!" Also, make sure to check out this video of a dog-cam product design. Can technology get any cuter? I hope not.

A Touch of Class

Sorry no posts yesterday folks, but I was just not in the right frame of mind. Limited Ed. items kept buzzing at me, but I just swatted them away like so many mosquitos at a bar-b-que. Now I'm back and fully rested and ready to go. So, on with the show. I would like to rave about these cool hand-crafted Solid Wood PC Peripherals:

But really I just think they are cheezy. This Purple Heart monitor, keyboard and mouse set will run you a mere $7,250.00. Yeah, cheap. I guess if you have a nice purple-heart-appointed office, you are probably making enough money to afford a matching computer. The rest of us will just have to live with our dull, putty-colored pieces of crap. Unless, like me, you have a nice, shiny, white-plastic Mac. Prices for these beauties run from $5,450.00 for less exotic woods like Mahogany and Cherry to $12,000.00 for more exotic woods like Thuya and Amboyna. All this talk about wood is giving me a mean chubby. I hope I don't get splinters. I probably shouldn't be smacking my schlong against this wooden keyboard anyway. But that's how I like it. Bad keyboard! Dirty! Dirty!

[Via Engadget]

Monday, September 27, 2004

Replacement Children

For all of those people out there who want children without all of the pain, weight-gain, blood, placenta, crying, crapping, vomiting, etc. that goes along with the process of having kids, you can now spend what you would have put away in your child's college tuition fund on this Robovie-M robot:

This quiet, walking, soccer-playing marvel of modern technology can do everything a child can do and more, without the noise and mess. From standing on one leg to getting up from lying on its back to picking up a ball and throwing it this little droid is amazing. If I had five grand to drop on one I definitely would, but I can't even afford to get some chick pregnant to have a little one of my own, and all that would cost me is the price of a glass of wine and a hand-full of roofies. Make sure to check out all of the videos at the bottom of the page on the website for these little guys. They are all very cute, if not hilarious.

[Via I4U]

Yeah, But Who's Gonna' Wear IT?

Chic IT geeks and hot hacker nerds rejoice, now there is an accessory for your unique niche, this ultra nerdy/sexy Limited Ed. custom-made USB Flash Drive Digital Locket:

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of these things, because I can't afford the $250 to $500 price tag. If I could, I probably still wouldn't wear one. I prefer to hide my computer nerdiness instead of wearing it around my neck, or preferably pinned to my lapel like a Star Trek badge of honor.

[Via Gizmodo]

Friday, September 24, 2004

Coolest... Pillow... Ever!

I'm gonna' make you an offer you can't refuse; your very own custom The Godfather horse head prop pillow:

Can't you just imagine breaking into a friend's house and leaving one of these in their bed to wake up to? Then hiding in the closet to see the look on their face! Then jumping out and screaming in order to induce a heart attack in your "friend." Maybe you are just the kind of sick person to do something like that. I hope I'm not one of your friends you sick bastard! Or, maybe you just enjoy sleeping on a decapitated horse head. It's really up to you. Personally, I prefer sleeping on my freeze-dried cat carcass. It smells so good.

Via Fazed.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Happy Birthday Cameron (Wherever You Are)!

Today is Cameron Price's 30th birthday! He's a big boy now, and in honor of his birthday I have searched high and low for Limited Ed. items that befit his scrumtrulescent magnanimousness. First off is this Limited Ed. Jeff Stryker 12" Adult Action Figure:

I chose this item because it reminded me of Cameron's illustrious film career. Also because Cameron somehow manages to lose his shirt in every episode of the long running TV series 303 B.

The second item up for bid in today's showcase showdown is this lovely Limited Ed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Print:

Because Cameron is a big "Buffy Head" and because Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty damn hot.

And finally, I think Cameron would really like this Limited Ed. hand signed and numbered "Yoda - Jedi Master" giclee print:

Because Cameron is short, full of wisdom, and is sometimes so fucked-up that he talks all backwards like Yoda. Also, I like finding Limited Ed. Yoda crap. It really restores my faith in God. Happy birthday Cameron!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Nikes At Foot Patrol

I received an e-mail from Foot Patrol today stating that they have recieved in stock the new Limited Ed. Nike x Recon Air Force X Mids:

These shoes are cool because they are camouflaged and everything camo is cool. Also, they were created in collaboration with graf artist Recon who is the definition of cool. These shoes will definitely sell out quickly at the bargain-basement price of £80 (approx. $143.49). Foot Patrol also said in their e-mail that they will soon be getting the D.U.N.K.L.E. in stock in store only with a special surprise! If anyone out there in Webland who lives in London can pick up a pair of D.U.N.K.L.E.s in American size 11.5 for me, I would really appreciate it. Don't worry, I'll get you back.

I Wouldn't Do That, Dave

Cause when he's out in space carousin
Pick up my mic and start joustin
His name plate medallion
Says never trust a hal 9000!

- from "The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')" by the Beastie Boys
I never thought I would live to see the day that I could actually own, if I had a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, my very own HAL 9000 from the Movie 2001: a Space Odyssey:

Hal 9000 is actually a Cinerama 160 degree Fairchild-Curtis lens that was used to shoot scenes in 2001: a Space Odyssey from Hal's P.O.V. Included with this ridiculously expensive piece of movie memorabilia are four letters of Authenticity,(Two owners, Builder, and Techinal Animation Specialist for the movie), an original “2001” movie program, a copy of the original script, two issues of American Cinematographer Magazines on the production of “2001” published in1968, and the movie “2010” published in 1985. Also included is videotape showing how HAL 9000 originated and was used by Stanley Kubrick. Now all that definitely make it worth it. Now where's my checkbook, dammit?!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, I was excruciatingly busy.
(via Engadget)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Sneakers? From A Toy Store?

Kidrobot has just announced that they will be carrying the new Limited Ed. Reebok Ice Cream Sneakers by Billionaire Boys Club which consists of Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes and Nigo of A Bathing Ape and the Japanese punk band Tokyo Sex Pistols. These kicks were previously only available at Vacant in Las Vegas. Limited to only 3000 pairs of each "flavor" these will surely sell out quickly. I'm not sure why, though. They really aren't that attractive. My favorites are the black versions:

Even though they are kind of ugly they would match a lot of my outfits, while the yellow ones and white ones would not. The coolest thing about these sneakers is the ice cream box that they come in. Check it out:

I would get a pair of these, but I'm afraid that they would melt before I had a chance to get them home and eat them.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Luke, I Am Your Father

Who's your daddy?! Who's your DADDY?!! Ningyoushi is taking preorders for the new Medicom Return of the Jedi 12" Luke Skywalker figure:

I don't know if this figure is Limited Ed. but it will definitely sell out quickly. Silly Star Wars nerds will buy anything related to that over-rated movie.

Of course, if figures based on odd German techno groups are more your speed, you might prefer these Limited Ed. 12" Daft Punk figures:

I really like Daft Punk even though I am not really big on Germans. My sister married a German. I told her I thought that was a strange way to get back at them. My sister's husband told me he can't get a good bagel in Germany, and I said, "Who's fault is that?"*

Lastly, for all of my video game addicted friends, Ningyoushi also has available for preorder this Limited Ed. Metal Gear Solid 12" Solid Snake figure:

It is limited to only 1000 pieces, so put down that joystick and get out your credit card soon. Now you can play with the 12" action figure when you're not playing the actual game. Goody goody goo!

*By the way, my sister isn't really married. Those jokes were originally told by Emo Phillips.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Blowin' The Shofar

Get your damn dirty mind out of the gutter! I'm not talking about a guy who drives a limo, I'm talking about a hollowed out ram's horn played like a trumpet. This morning, the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the shofar is blown to herald in the new year. I tried to find some Limited Ed. shofars, but I think every shofar is pretty limited, 'cause there really aren't that many people out there that play 'em. My father told me at Synagogue this morning that I should compose a symphony for piano and shofar. If I did, I would have to get a shofar from Studio Shofar Judaica & Gifts - quality shofars from Israel, retail & wholesale! Ya' can't beat a wholesale shofar.

If I was composing a symphony for shofar, for the bass part I would get one of these Jumbo Yemenite Shofars:

For the mids, I would use one of these Small Yemenite Shofars:

And for the treble I would use one of these Medium Ram's Horn Shofars:

Unfortunately there ain't too much pitch control on a shofar, so size does matter... for the pitch that is. Y'all know what I'm talking about right? Size matters when you're blowing the shofar. Come on, that's not that funny. Quit snickering, dammit! God is watching.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

L'shanah Tovah!

Tonight at sunset is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, so Happy New Year to all my Jews out there in Limited Ed. land. In honor of Rosh Hashanah I have found a variety of Limited Ed. Judaica for y'all. First off is this Limited Ed. Judaic Classics complete Torah library CD-ROM for Mac:

Now there's something that will definitely come in handy during those long Bar Mitzvah study sessions. Unfortunately, since you can't use computers on Shabbos, you can't bring your laptop with you to Synagogue to use this beauty for services. Hebrew text only. Next ya' got these Limited Ed. Rochelle Blumenfeld Lithographs. A new addition to the collection is this Rosh Hashanah litho:

Limited to only 150, so get them before Yom Kippur. Then I found these Limited Ed. Caithness Glass Paperweights with Judaica themes. Unfortunately, the only one that hasn't been retired is the Blue Chai:

And lastly, because this post is starting to get long, and because damn there sure is a lot of Limited Ed. Judaica out there, I found this Limited Ed. Gary Rosenthal Menorah designed by Yuri Koretsky:

I like the stained-glass effect on the Menorah and the way that it is angled and shaped reminds me of a ship at sea, probably full of pirates, yarr! Get yours now in time for Hannukah, which comes early this year.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Next Big Craze

Here it is folks, the next big thing in baseball caps and holograms: Miraj Caps; Custom Caps for the Hip-Hop Urban Wear, Skate wear and Club Wear crowd. Or so the tagline from the website would have you believe. These caps are based on the baseball cap worn by Michael J. Fox in the classic film Back to the Future Part II:

They are not Limited Ed. (so little of what I have posted recently is) but there is a Special Addition(sp?) version of their Colorshifter cap:

My personal favorite is the Chrome:

Because it matches the chrome on my spinners. Superdope!

Via Fark and

Yarr, That's One Fine Booty!

This isn't really something that's Limited Ed., but it is something close to my heart. Sunday, September 19th is not only my younger brother's 29th birthday, but it is also International Talk Like A Pirate Day! According to the official website:
International Talk Like A Pirate Day began in the mists of the 1990s, when two Yankees, John Baur (Ol' Chum Bucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), be talkin' like pirates all o'a sudden. They decided that, to further the noble causes of the sweet trade of piracy, September 19 each year be the day when all souls over the world should be talkin' like pirates. For years, their valiant efforts were wasted, until they contacted a man by the name of Dave Barry, who be writin' a humour column for the great masses o' landlubbers out yonder. He showed his devotion to the cause by promoting the Day to millions of people across the world from the tropical climes of Miami, to the wild and weary shores of Thunder Bay. From thar, the media across the seven seas carried the story, and it reached every corner of the world!
In high school, my brother, our friend Edward and I used to drive around in my 1976 Plymouth Volare Premiere and pretend we were pirates of the highway. We would ram other cars, kidnap wenches and other sailors of the asphault sea and make them walk the plank. Or suck the plank in the case of the wenches. Mmmm... wenches.

Via Bifurcated Rivets

Monday, September 13, 2004

Aaaaarrghhh!!! A Spider!!!

Woah! It looks so real it just jumps right out at ya'! Alright, I don't have much time left. I need a new job where I don't have to do any actual work and I can spend all day looking for Limited Ed. stuff, but until that happens, I will just have to deal with only posting once a day in some cases and not posting very interesting items at times, like these Limited Ed. Reflection Holograms. My favorite is Tarantula:

But I also like Pegasus:

Because there's nothing cooler than a flying horse, and because Clash of the Titans was the greatest movie ever made. I guess you have to either call Universal Hologram at (707) 823-7171 or e-mail them at to order one of these beautiful treasures, 'cause they ain't got one of them fancy shopping carts on their website. Get 'em while they're hot... and ridiculously expensive!

Friday, September 10, 2004


I just got an e-mail from Nike Skateboarding who have finally released their highly anticipated Limited Ed. D.U.N.K.L.E. Dunk Pro SB:

I don't know how many pairs these are limited to, I just know that they will be impossible to find. They are most likely designed by Futura 2000 in collaboration with James Lavelle of U.N.K.L.E. At least they use Futura 2000's Pointman image. These are pretty sweet, but I think pink is starting to get played out. Time to get a new color people.

Shameless Self-Promotion

I have uploaded a few recent pages from my sketchbook for all the world to see. Some graffiti tags, a portrait and a dragon logo that I am working on. My favorite is the portrait, Laser-haired Girl:

Now you may all trash my pathetic artistic attempts. Thanks for any future feedback and criticism.

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

I just got word from Mari at Tokyo Flash that they have a new, stainless steel Limited Ed. Pimp Watch:

Tokyo Flash doesn't mention how limited the production of the "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" watch is, but only a thousand of the Pimp "Star Performer" watches were sold outside of Japan, so I'm sure this one will be even more rare. You know what's really spooky about this whole thing is that I had a dream last night that I met a girl who had a Pimp watch and I was so suprised to see someone other than myself with one. I have the "Star Performer" and you know which one she had in the dream? The "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" of course. Freaky!

Thursday, September 09, 2004


My favorite musical instrument ever, the Moog Synthesizer now has its own documentary! "Moog"

Directed by Hans Fjellestad, the film will be released on September 24th. There is a list of dates and locations on the movie website. I will most likely go see it at the Asheville Film Festival in Asheville, North Cackalacky on November 4-7. According to the e-mail I received from Linda Pritchard at Moog music,
"MOOG", a collaboration of director Fjellestad and Producer Ryan Page, is described as "a stylized, wonderfully strange story of a true American maverick". 'The film focuses on Bob Moog's role as synthesizer pioneer while exploring his collaborations with musicians over the years, and his ideas on creativity, design, interactivity and spirituality.
You can also win a free trip to Asheville to see the movie here. Make sure you check out these stills from the film. They are dope and hilarious. I will have to talk to my friend Franklin, whose parents are friends with the Moogs, before I go to the festival to see if I can meet Bob personally and thank him for his wonderful work.

New Light Saber

Finally, what I have been waiting for since 1977; a new light saber! Unfortunately, it isn't really a light saber. Damn, and I was so excited when I saw it on Gizmodo. My excitement soon turned to disappointment when I realized that it was just a new cell phone from Nokia. The possibly (I can't tell from the article or press release) Limited Ed. Nokia 7280:

Looks like a rectangular light saber (better for grip) or, according to Gizmodo, something out of Tron. But can it pick up a signal in my basement apartment? That's the real test of any new light-saber-style phone. Now where's that damn Darth Vader?! I think he's got my Motorola piece of crap.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bring Tha' Pain

I have been following Coarse Toys' progress ever since I first heard of them back at the Plastic Particles exhibition in July of last year. Their first figures were supposed to come out in October of last year, but all they did at that point was send out posters to people who signed up for them on their website. I've got mine hanging in my bedroom next to my Farrah Fawcett poster. Well, with the help of Vans Shoes they have finally released their first figure, Flake, Fluid and Float:

Kidrobot has got the Revolt version of Flake, Fluid and Float, which are actually one figure with three heads, including one that is a skateboard truck and wheels, several extra arms, legs and hands, two pairs of shorts, a shirt, surf board, skateboard, and three pairs of Vans sneakers. So much goodness, so little time. Kidrobot says they have the Pain version available as well, but it isn't up on their website yet. Coarse Toys also have the Cream and Switch versions available on their website. Same idea as Pain and Revolt, just different colored hair and clothes.

9/10/04 Update: the Pain version of Flake, Fluid and Float is now available on the Kidrobot website. I got mine, get yours before they are all gone.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Looooooong Weekend

It sure was nice to get away from the office for the nice long weekend, even if I did spend the entire weekend worrying about finishing the new website, sketching the new logo for our coffee mugs and typing up seminar notes for work. I did manage to play nine holes of golf, drink eight gin and tonics and eat three hamburgers, though. All in all, it was time well spent. Of course, when I got back to business there was a ton of Limited Ed. stuff that had gone unmentioned here. So, let me begin. First of all, my boy Josh Rubin has got some info on these 'punk-chic' Limited Ed. L'Ange De Mort Nike Blazers:

They were designed as a collaboration between Methamphibian and Well Bred. The only way to get them is to win them. The only way to win them is by buying a Deth Rock T-shirt from Well Bred. Seems like some BS to me.

At least Vacant lets you pre-order their new Limited Ed. Reebok Ice Creams:

These shoes, that were found via Freshness Mag, may not be the coolest looking shoes ever, but they have enough freshness to match any of your bling-bling.

Gizmodo had something right up my alley today for me to peep. It was this Limited Ed. Confederate Motorcycles F124 Hellcat:

Whew boy! That thing is straight out of my nightmares. I love the Southern nature of this company, but I still have a slight motorcycle phobia since the last time I got on one I fell right off and broke my back.

By the way, Ningyoushi has all of the new Michael Lau figures in.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Rise Robots Rise!

Eric Joyner has got some brilliant, beautiful paintings in his repertoire. Not to mention that he cleverly mixes some of my favorite subjects; toys (in this case tin robots), outer space, landscapes, and donuts! Mmmm... donuts, *drool*. A couple of my favorites are The Rock (a.k.a. The Final Blow):

Which bears a striking resemblance to the George Bellows painting Dempsey and Firpo:

(There appears to be a couple of creepy, glowing-eyed robots in the background of this painting)

And Glazed:

Which reminds me of the strange dreams I have after eating a bag of Merita Sweet Sixteens donuts. You can order Limited Ed. giclee prints of his paintings here.

Via Metafilter.

Big Pimpin' In NYC

I'm sorry I forgot to post this until now, Josh Rubin reminded me of it this morning, but I have also been following it on Freshness Mag. The venue for the Sneaker Pimps exhibit in NYC today and tomorrow, September 3rd & 4th, has moved. It is now at Office Ops, 57 Thames Street, Willamsburg, Brooklyn. So I guess the Sneaker Pimps NYC exhibit isn't even in NYC, it's in Brooklyn! What a gyp. Well, all of my peeps in B-lyn will be happy about that. And my sister now lives in Williamsburg! Of course, she could care less about an exhibit featuring rare, vintage, Limited Ed., and custom sneakers. The opening reception begins at 8:00 tonight. I wish I could be there.

(Yo, Leia, you gotta' start making a bigger web presence for yourself so that I don't keep using the same damn link for you every time I reference you in my blog.)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Super-Cool T's

Sean's Bachball T-shirt is pretty cool, but it ain't got nothing on these super-cool Limited Ed. t's from Wear Glass. Each design is limited to 100 prints and each edition is individually numbered. Their summer t's theme is dots, spots, polka or otherwise. And for only £22.00 each they sure are a lot cheaper than the Bachball T. My favorites are the Banana:

Which is obviously based on the famous cover of the 1967 debut album Andy Warhol by The Velvet Underground & Nico, designed by Andy Warhol himself. I also like the Peeler:

I don't know if this image is based on another image, I just love peeling stuff.

(Thanks to Ben at Wear Glass for the info. I did my part, now give me a t-shirt! Or at least a link on your site.)

Quit Yer Showboatin'

Sean "The Mac Daddy" Russell, the brilliant man behind the 90's nostalgia/boogie-boarding blog 90's Showboat and the hit TV show "Gilmore Girls" now has Limited Ed. t-shirts available. His Bachball Jersey:

From the 90s Showboat Duty-Free Shopstravaganza at CafePress features a picture of Sean with rocker Sebastian Bach. Only five will be made and then they will be discontinued forever. Of course, who can afford $199.99 for a stinkin' baseball shirt?! For only $9.99 you can get an Infant Jeeper-Creeper Stone Jumper:

Featuring a nice picture of Ollie Stone with the words, "Get Stoned." That's a little more affordable, but I really don't think it would fit me. He also has a cute widdle teddy bear, but unfortunately it is sold out. Thanks for the info, Sean, but where's the link to Limited Ed. on your blog, huh?

(Maybe Limited Ed. should start making some Limited Ed. shirts of his own!)