Friday, October 01, 2004

Travel The Land In Style...

In this Limited Ed. Used 1996 Gulfstream Conquest:

I am very tired this morning and really just want to get this over with. I celebrated a little too hard last night the fact that Limited Ed. Magazine had over 1000 hits last month. Now I'm paying the price for drinking all of that Yoo-Hoo and eating all of those Ding Dongs (not those kinds, silly). Of course the price that I paid last night isn't anything compared to the $24,500.00 you would have to pay for this top-of-the-line castle on wheels. It would be a great place for me to take a nap right now, or it would be great to take out to Burning Man. That way you wouldn't have to crap in one of those nasty-ass Porta-Johns. Damn, now I've gone and pissed my pants.

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