Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Capricorn T-shirtOnce again Threadless has approved one of my designs for their random voting and printing process. Yes, if enough people out there decide they like my design, it will be printed for all to wear. Unfortunately, for some reason (my guess is because it is fairly anonymous), people are unusually cruel in their voting on Threadless. I have submitted nine designs so far and have yet to have one printed. And I think a couple of them were pretty good. Anyway, check out my Capricorn T-shirt and decide for yourself. The other eleven signs of the Zodiac will be coming shortly. Pisces will be next (it is my Zodiac sign, so I will make it especially "cool").

Monday, February 26, 2007

Just In Time For My Birthday!

Kidrobot Apparel SaleKidrobot is having an apparel sale. All of their apparel is up to 70% off for the next three days! And just in time for my birthday (next Tuesday, March 6th). My favorite items on sale are the Smorkin' Labbit Polo Shirt [pictured below, left, in midnight blue] on sale for $14.95 and the Green Sarge Monger Polo [pictured below, right] on sale for $19.95. Both are based on the artwork of Frank Kozik, and really, any color will do for my birthday present. Surprise me! I wear an extra large. E-mail me for the address to send them to. And thank y'all in advance for my wonderful birthday presents!
(And yes, I have no shame)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ride This!

Ghost Rider Vinyl Collectible DollGhost Rider 12-inch RAH Figure
I never really got into the Ghost Rider comics when I was a kid, although I did collect other comics. I don't remember if I thought they looked too scary or if I just preferred the straight-up superhero comics. Unfortunately, the movie version doesn't seem to be getting such good reviews from most sources. Luckily, there are some cool toys to make up for the lackluster reviews. It seems that Medicom Toy Co. has the monopoly on everything Ghost Rider-y. My personal favorite is the Ghost Rider Vinyl Collectible Doll [pictured above, left] that is available for pre-order from Ningyoushi. I just really like the super-deformed style of this figure. The giant, flaming skull-head, over-sized hands and feet give this stylized figure a great look, and I'm sure the soft vinyl gives it a great feel as well. Ningyoushi also has a 12" Medicom RAH version of Ghost Rider [pictured above, right] for pre-order. Medicom produces the best looking 12" figures of any toy company around, and this Ghost Rider figure is no exception. Of course, it is almost twice the price of the vinyl doll version, so there ya' go. Now if only they could have made a quality movie out of Ghost Rider, these figures would make a lot more sense.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another New T-Shirt Design

Limited Ed. Capricorn t-shirtIn honor of the just-ended Zodiacal season of Capricorn, I have created this new Limited Ed. Capricorn T-Shirt! Well, it was actually created as a logo for a band who didn't want to use it because the goat looked to "mean", so I just changed the wording on it to get rid of the band name, and viola, I have a new t-shirt design. Only for a limited time. I have also submitted it to, so hopefully they will accept it and I can start another round of praying that they actually produce one of my t-shirt designs. So, until that time, if you are a Capricorn, go get one of them shirts! I need the funds!

Flash In The Pants

Coffee Art 8 Elite watchMarble Art 8 Elite watch

My favorite online watch store, Tokyflash has some new suprisingly non-LED watches available that are pretty swank. The new Limited Ed. Art 8 Elite Resin Watches from EleeNo are part of the Orbit Series Elite, the premium quality edition of the popular handless watches from EleeNo. These custom-made watches feature solid stainless steel construction, stunning resin inlays and highly accurate Super 2035 movement produced by Citizen Japan. The watch comes in two styles: Coffee [pictured above, left], featuring brown resin inlay, and Marble [pictured above, right], featuring a dark marbled resin inlay. These watches are only available from Tokyoflash and will run you ¥16800 or $138.84 American.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deep In The Bottom Of The Susquehanna

Joe Ledbetter Toxic Swamp QeesI got e-mail today from My Plastic Heart informing me about the release of the new Limited Ed. Joe Ledbetter Toxic Swamp series of Qees from Toy2R. These adorable little animated-esque figures are Mr. Ledbetter's take on the effects of radiation on our adorable forest friends. Poor kitties, puppies and bears.

p.s. - if anyone out there knows what I am referencing in the subject of this post, send me an e-mail and you win a prize!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Shoe York

Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown
I got an e-mail today from the proprietor of Shoe York, informing me of their new online presence. I'm surprised that name hasn't been used before, it seems so obvious, but apparently not. Anyway, they don't have a huge selection but they do have some stuff that has been out of stock for a while. Their shoes are a little pricey, but nothing out of the ordinary for the styles they are representing. I'm really digging the Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown a.k.a. Amsterdam II kicks [pictured above]. Unfortunately, I could never squeeze my behemoth feet into a size 9.5, but I'm sure some little girl or girly-man out there would appreciate them. Hopefully Shoe York will be able to increase their selection soon, because they have a good name, so they should have the selection to support it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Cat

Sick KallieI had to take my cat Kallie to the vet yesterday because she hasn't been eating anything for the last week or so. I went out and bought her some of her favorite wet food and some treats because I thought maybe she wasn't eating because she was sick of having the same food all of the time, but she wouldn't eat those either. I was really scared that something serious might be wrong with her and this morning it seems my fears have been justified. She had blood drawn at the vet yesterday for some testing and it seems she has elevated kidney enzymes and an elevated white blood cell count. The vet said it could be something as simple as a urinary tract infection that may have spread to her kidneys or it could be as bad as renal failure or cancer. I am going to start her on subcutaneous injections and antibiotics to see if it is just a urinary tract infection. If that doesn't work, and she has some serious kidney problems or cancer, I might have to have her put down, because I can't afford that kind of treatment. It would be in the thousands of dollars range. So, here I sit, at work, balling my eyes out, trying to type through the tears. All I ask is that all of my readers please pray for my poor little kitty that all she has is a simple urinary tract infection and that it will clear up in a week or so.

Update: Kallie seems to be doing a little better. She is eating on her own again, which is a good sign. I no longer have to hand-feed her individual pieces of food. She is not happy about taking antibiotics and getting daily subcutaneous fluid injections, but she seems to accept it. I've got some nice scratches from giving her the injections. Anyway, I think it is just a urinary tract infection and should be cleared up with the antibiotics. Thanks to everybody who sent me messages of support.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Most Expensive Shoes I Will Never Own

Nike Masterpiece AF1'sIn honor of the Nike Air Force 1's 25th Anniversary, Nike has released a couple of ridiculous pairs of custom, hand-made, Limited Ed. AF1's. They are entitled the Masterpiece collection and come in either brown Crocodile or white Anaconda. They are only available in the Nike Members Only Store online. They will only be available for two weeks in February and run $2,000 a pair. And that's why I call them ridiculous. Each pair is hand-made in Italy of the finest materials and features details like 18 karat gold-plated twist-off aglets and 18 karat gold-plated, laser-etched lace locks. The "sneakers" also come with a premium shoe bag to protect them during travel and cedar shoetrees engineered to the exact specifications of the AF1 to maintain the shoe's optimal shape and fit. These shoes are the ultimate rich, hip-hop superstar's wet dream. I just need a record or NBA contract and I could afford a pair. Maybe Nike should give me my own shoe deal for reppin' them so hard, that way I could afford a pair of the Croc AF1's and Nike could make their very own Limited Ed.-labeled kicks: red, white and black, like my blog colors. Until then, I will just have to dream.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tragic Toons

Wings by Eric Morin
Wings by Eric Morin

I got an e-mail from Chapel Hill Comics letting me know that they are having an exhibit beginning this Friday of the art of Eric Morin. The show is entitled Tragic Toons and the opening will run from 6-9pm this Friday, February 9th. Eric is a very talented artist who creates art full of dark humor. Chapel Hill Comics will have digital prints of many of his images available for the low, low price of $10 each. Refreshments will be served.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Police Are Coming!

The London Police LadNot the ones with batons and guns who run amok blowing up outdoor LED street advertisements in Boston. And not the ones led by Sting that will be performing at the Grammy's next weekend, either. I'm talking about The London Police, the Dutch street-art ensemble. Their first toy is a vinyl interpretation of their iconic Lad figure, which has graced cityscapes all over the world, and will be released at New York Comic Con February 23-25. You can pre-order the figure from My Plastic Heart, who collaborated with The London Police on its creation, and pick it up at their booth at the NYCC, or you can just order if for delivery after the event (it will ship on the 27th). The figure comes in two versions, wink [pictured above] and smile. Each set includes one Lad, one Dog and an interchangeable head in a box designed by The London Police. Each version is limited to 100 pieces and will run you $95, unless you are willing to pick it up at the NYCC, in which case it will run you only $85!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Adidas x Fafi: For The Ladies

Adidas x Fafi Bolero Hoodie

I know I don't post a lot of stuff for my lady friends out there, so here's a post just for y'all. Adidas has just announced their partnership with world-renowned street artist Fafi for theirAdidas Originals Fafi Sleek Collection. If I was a girl... Okay, let's not go there. Anyway, the Adidas Fafi Sleek Collection contains several tops and a couple of pairs of sneakers. My favorites are the Fafi Bolero Hoodie [pictured above, left], because I'm partial to pink, and the Sleek Fafi Pro Model sneakers [pictured above, right], because they match the Bolero Hoodie so nicely. Maybe Anne might find one of these cute items under the tree this Valentine's Day. Wait, there's no Valentine's Day tree. I guess that's what you get when you grow up Jewish, mixing up all of those Christian holidays. St. Valentine's Day is a Christian holiday, isn't it? Or is it a Hallmark-created holiday? Whatever, just check out the Fafi Adidas stuff and enjoy the snow outside. I know I will, here at work.