Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toy Version Of Me

Yep, they have finally done it. They have created a toy version of me. Just look at the picture. I have that exact outfit. And I skate. And my hair often looks crazy like that. I guess CoolRain must have seen me around somewhere. Or I just wear the same shit they sell over at Kasina, the street-wear retailer who commissioned this toy line from CoolRain. I'm not sure if these toys are available anywhere, I can't seem to navigate either of the above websites, but if anyone knows, let me know, cuz THEY MADE A TOY VERSION OF ME!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

Holy crap! New Adidas x Star Wars kicks! The Superstar 2 Star Wars, Game Mid Princess Leia (for my sister Leia), and Superstar 2 Darth Vader are my favorites. I also really like the Stormtrooper Hooded Flock Track Top. Alright, I want them all. Well, maybe just the more subtle designs. I know I'm a huge nerd, whatever. A better colab, there has never been.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Mike Mignola Y'all!

I know it has been forever, but whatever, get it while you can.

Anyway, the artwork of Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, will be featured tonight, one night only, at Secret Headquarters in Sunset Junction from 8-10pm.

Secret Headquarters will also be offering a limited edition Mignola illustrated letterpress print made specifically for this show. The prints feature never before seen Hellboy artwork by Mike Mignola with color supervision by Dave Stewart. These 3 color letterpress prints have been beautifully made by Aardvark Letterpress of Los Angeles.

Complimentary wine provided by Bear Flag.

Also, Kwong Dynasty: Noodle Fantasy will be parked in front of Secret Headquarters for all of your delicious noodle slurping needs.

Now get off my back about posting stuff, y'all! I needs my beauty sleep!