Sunday, September 19, 2004

Luke, I Am Your Father

Who's your daddy?! Who's your DADDY?!! Ningyoushi is taking preorders for the new Medicom Return of the Jedi 12" Luke Skywalker figure:

I don't know if this figure is Limited Ed. but it will definitely sell out quickly. Silly Star Wars nerds will buy anything related to that over-rated movie.

Of course, if figures based on odd German techno groups are more your speed, you might prefer these Limited Ed. 12" Daft Punk figures:

I really like Daft Punk even though I am not really big on Germans. My sister married a German. I told her I thought that was a strange way to get back at them. My sister's husband told me he can't get a good bagel in Germany, and I said, "Who's fault is that?"*

Lastly, for all of my video game addicted friends, Ningyoushi also has available for preorder this Limited Ed. Metal Gear Solid 12" Solid Snake figure:

It is limited to only 1000 pieces, so put down that joystick and get out your credit card soon. Now you can play with the 12" action figure when you're not playing the actual game. Goody goody goo!

*By the way, my sister isn't really married. Those jokes were originally told by Emo Phillips.

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