Friday, December 21, 2007

Holy Bouncing Boners Batman!

bonerboner clothing

Today's posts seem to be all about sexual organs. I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just that time of year; everyone is freaking out about what to get friends, family, significant others, etc. for the holidays. That's why I'm glad Hanukkah came early this year. I drove by the mall today and I was sure glad that I didn't need to go in! It looked like a madhouse. Made me horny! Speaking of which, for your online purchasing pleasure, I present Boner Clothing, "indie-casual clothing for the individual". A little redundant, but that never hurt nobody. Boner Clothing features beautifully printed Limited Ed. t-shirts for boys and girls. Boner Clothing's t-shirts come in editions of either 10 or 20 and feature a unique identifying stamp indicating how many were produced. For men, I particularly like the Warthog t-shirt for its prison-stripe aesthetic and the Gasmask tee 'cause I like gas masks (like the ones done by Three-Zero Toys). In the women's t-shirt arena, I like the Street Camel tee and the Spade tee 'cause I like camels and cards. The website is Flash heavy, so I haven't posted pics, but go check it out, I'm sure you will find something you like.

Lookin' 4 Poonanie!

Kaws x Santastic HasheemI can't believe the new Limited Ed. Kaws x Santastic Hasheem vinyl figure [pictured above] is sold out already! It just went on sale at noon Pacific time today. Oh well, there is always ebay. Or maybe one of my favorite online toy stores will get one. I'll let y'all know as soon as I hear something.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Death, Kill, Kill, Destroy!

Bounty Hunter Skull Zip Up Hoodie
Bounty Hunter Shark Knit Beanie
Span of Sunset has got some sick new Bounty Hunter gear in stock. My favorites are the Skull Zip Up Hoodie and the Shark Knit Beanie [pictured above]. Freakin' awesome! After seeing Toypunks I have a whole new level of respect for BxH. The only problem is their stuff is soooooooooooo expensive. The beanie is $55 and the hoodie is $190, damn!

He's Back

DJ TomyLazy DJ Tomy
ProdigYoung ProdigLazy Prodig

Well, Michael Lau is finally back with some new figures after the disappointing Mr. Shoe series. At least I thought they were disappointing, maybe some people thought they were cool. I thought they were just poorly sculpted shoes with even worse sculpted feet and a baseball cap. Nothing to write home about. I am much more of a fan of his 6" Gardener series. Which is a good thing, because he just released a bunch of new ones and Ningyoushi has them available to purchase. I'm not sure if Ningyoushi has all of the new releases because I haven't seen a complete list, but they do have DJ Tomy, Lazy DJ Tomy [pictured top row, left to right], Prodig, Young Prodig, and Lazy Prodig [second row, left to right]. How come all the lazy Gardeners gotta' be black, huh? Do Chinese people think all black people are lazy or is it just Michael Lau? Anyway, that is something that can be discussed later. For now, I just have to figure out how to get $190 without doing anything so I can pick up a DJ Tomy and Prodig figure. Those are my two favorites.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Death Pumpkin

Twim x Secret Base Death PumpkinSecret Base, in association with Twim, has released a new Limited Ed. Pumpkin Brain vinyl figure [pictured above and lit up below]. This "Death Pumpkin" is exactly like the Last Legend Pumpkin Brain that was released for Halloween, except that instead of glowing orange, this one is glowing slime green. Both contain a set of LEDs that light up when you shake 'em. I really like the slime green color of this figure, but I already have the orange Last Legend Pumpkin, so do I need another light-up, glowing Pumpkin Brain? The answer, of course, is yes! Alright, maybe not, but it is still pretty darn cool looking. Available now at both Span of Sunset and Toy Tokyo for around sixty bucks. Maybe while I am up in New York next week I will stop by Toy Tokyo and pick one up. We'll see. I guess it depends on how much it costs for me to get my car fixed this week.Twim x Secret Base Death Pumpkin

Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Baby Jew Birthday!

Wootini Family Holiday ShowWootini is presenting their final exhibit of the year, the Super Awesome Holiday Family Show, beginning tonight at 7pm and running through January 12th. The show will be bringing together local artists David K. Rose, Casey Porn, Paul Friedrich, Bloo Empire, and Casey Robertson.

Special for this event, Wootini will be unveiling a new project consisting of "Mysterious" blind-boxed 6" x 6" stretched canvas prints created by each of the artists. That means, much like the mini-figures we have all grown to know and love – each is a mystery, until you purchase and open it. Buy more than one, trade with friends, give them as presents! Here are all the images that ‘could’ be in your mystery box:
Paul Friedrich Onion Head MonsterCasey Porn Squiddle Bit
Casey RobertsonBloo Empire
David K. Rose

Family will be bringing the tunes, as usual, and there will be Christmasy snacks and drinks. It should be a lot of fun. I will try to make it out, depending on whether I can pull myself away from my new iPod touch Hanukkah present. Soooo shiny.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Visionaire 53: SoundWhat could be the most expensive "magazine" I have ever seen at $250, the Limited Ed. Visionaire Issue 53: Sound [pictured above], features five 12-inch picture-disc records inside a specially produced domed case that contain more than 100 minutes of sound content, including spoken word, samples, unreleased songs, and audio experiments. Also included is a Mini Cooper Clubman "Vinyl Killer" record player: a battery-operated toy car containing speakers and a needle so that the car plays a record as it drives along the grooves. The package also contains CD's of the recorded content if you are afraid of ruining the records with a player called the "Vinyl Killer" and a booklet featuring credits and instructions.

Contributors include: musicians David Byrne, Courtney Love, Michael Stipe, Adam Horowitz (Beastie Boys), Antony & the Johnsons, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Andrew WK, Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Danger Mouse, Malcolm McLaren, Ruyuichi Sakamoto; artists Robert Wilson, Yoko Ono, Christian Marclay, Doug Aitken, Gary Hill, Sylvie Fleury, DJs Miss Kittin, Trevor Jackson, Towa Tei, Michel Gaubert; fashion designers Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang; bands Littl'Ans, Fischerspooner, Unkle, Animal Collective, SunnO))) and many more.

Available at Turntable Lab.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crush Groove

Update: Price correction! Crush will actually retail for $54.99 instead of the advertised $74.99!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay

Alife Everybody High Lumberjack PackI sleep all night and I work all day. I wear Alife Everybody High Lumberjack Pack sneakers [pictured above], I skip and jump, I go to the lavatory. On Wednesday I go shopping and have buttered scones for tea!

Just in time for Wintry weather (if you live somewhere other than North Cackalacka, where today it is supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees), Alife has released their 2007 Holiday Footwear. Included in the release are the Lumberjack Pack, Rain Pack and Ski Pack [pictured below, top to bottom]. They will be available not only at Alife stores, but also at American Rag, Barneys, Bloomingdales, Fred Segal, Conveyor, and Commonwealth. Telephone orders will also be accepted by Alife. This is one of my favorite sneaker releases so far from Alife. I like all of them! They would all be great for the situations that they are named after. I would have a hard time if I had to decide which of them I wanted. Luckily, at $125 to $145 each, I can't afford any of them, so I won't be getting any!Alife Everybody Low Lumberjack PackAlife Everybody High Rain PackAlife Everybody Flood Ski PackAlife Everybody Flood Ski Pack

Monday, December 10, 2007

Eat Me!

Mini Eater Rumble Monsters x Ningyoushi Exclusive figure
The new Limited Ed. Mini Eater Rumble Monsters x Ningyoushi Exclusive figure is now available. I'm not a huge fan of Rumble Monsters, but I do love clear vinyl and this figure has it in spades. Not only is it clear vinyl, it is packed with either a blue or pink tank (looks red to me in that picture) and a little car. This 4-inch tall figure will run ya' $48 and will sell out quick, but unfortunately I don't have exact numbers for this run.

Satan's Ghetto

Santas GhettoI got e-mail this morning from Pictures on Walls about the annual low-concept art event, Santa’s Ghetto, put on by graffiti wizard Banksy and a few of his pals. This year they chose Bethlehem as the location for their annual Christmas shoppe in order to cast further attention on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

At first, I was a little pissed off by this concept. I thought that the whole thing was some sort of political wrangling in support of the Palestinians' war against Israel, but upon further investigation, I read on The Point page that, "We would like to make it very clear Santa’s Ghetto is not allied to ANY race, creed, religion, political organization or lobby group. As an organisation the only thing we’ll say on behalf of our artists is that we don’t speak on behalf of our artists. This show simply offers the ink-stained hand of friendship to ordinary people in an extraordinary situation.

Every shekel made in the store will be used on local projects for children and young people. Not one cent will go to any political groups, governmental institutions or, in fact, any grown-ups at all."

That put me a little more at ease about the exhibit. It seems that Banksy and his associates are interested in helping the Palestinian children and don't support the Palestinian call for the eradication of Israel. Personally, I have nothing against the Palestinians on an individual basis, I am just against their call for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people. I think the Palestinians and Israelis could come to an easy solution to their conflict if that weren't the case. Or if one of the neighboring Muslim countries were willing to contribute some of their land for a Palestinian homeland.

There are 230 million Muslims in the Middle East and only 6 million Jews squished into a country smaller than the state of Rhode Island. You would think that some place like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, etc. would have a little extra land to support their fellow Muslims, but most of them also support the destruction of Israel, so that won't happen. At least Banksy and his crew are doing their part for a little peace and that is something to be thankful for this holiday season.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Tastes Like Strawberries

purple King Stampede Strawberry Cough t-shirtwhite King Stampede Strawberry cough t-shirt
Turntable Lab just got these chillin' King Stampede Strawberry Cough t-shirts [pictured above] in stock. Based on the sticky-icky that Michael Caine's character Jasper was slingin' in Children of Men, you figure these tees would be made of hemp or something, but they appear to be standard cotton. Cop one quick, 'cause it looks like Turntable Lab is the only place you can get 'em right now and they weren't meant to last. In purple or white, $35.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Hanukkah From Mimoco And Heeb Magazine

Happy HanukkahHanukkah came early this year, just like Seth on Thanksgiving, and to celebrate Mimoco is sponsoring a contest with Heeb Magazine to win a spankin' new Owlsley Owlbert Mimobot. Just guess who will be on the cover of the Winter "Goy Issue" of Heeb Magazine and the Gelt could be yours.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Adidas, Adidas, ADIDAS!!!

Adidas Light Side vs. Dark Side SuperstarsI like Adidas, always have. I have four pairs right now. If I didn't have so many already, I might have to add some of these to my collection. Also, it would be kind of a pain in the ass to get out to Long Beach to go to Proper to get a pair of these Adidas Light Side vs. Dark Side Superstars [pictured above]. I love the fact that they come packaged in a blister pack with ol' skool Star Wars-style graphics. Sweet. It would be a whole lot easier to go onto the Adidas Online Store and get a pair of these awesome, Limited Ed. Adidas x Dennis Busenitz High Score Gazelle Skate Shoe [pictured below]. I love the clear soles and that it says "High Score" in ol' skool video game font where it would normally say "Gazelle" on the side of the shoe. They are a little expensive at $150, but I'm sure they are cheaper than the Light Side vs. Dark Side kicks from Proper.Adidas x Dennis Busenitz High Score Gazelle Skate Shoe
Also, on the theme of movie/sneaker cross-promotion, check out the Reebok Voltron Pack at Proper [pictured below].Reebok Voltron Pack

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Banksy Does New York

Banksy Does New YorkOne of my favorite graffiti artists, a man whom I admire for his shunning of the spotlight, the mono-cognominal Banksy will be having a solo exhibit at the Vanina Holasek Gallery in Chelsea from December 2 - December 29, 2007. This is Banksy's first exhibit in New York, although he does have some of his graffiti around the city if you are lucky enough to spot it. The opening reception will be held this Sunday, December 2 from 1-5pm. If I was in New York, I would definitely be at this event. Hopefully, when I am up there at the end of the month, I will get a chance to check out the exhibit before it comes down.

[Via Josh Spear]

Kidrobot Heats Up

Kidrobot Miami Grand OpeningI wish I could be in Miami tonight. Not just because it would be a lot warmer than it is up here in cold old North Cackalacka, but because the new Kidrobot Miami Store Grand Opening is tonight from 6-8pm. This is the largest Kidrobot store to date, featuring over 1,000 sq. ft. of designer urban toy goodness. For the opening, Kidrobot fave Huck Gee has created 305 super-limited Miamified 3" Skullhead Dunnys [pictured above]. Mr. Gee will be at the opening to sign figures for those lucky enough to get in through the maddening crowds. After the opening, there will be an after party at Miami hot-spot WISH at The Hotel (named one of the 50 Best New Restaurants in the World by Conde Naste Traveler and one of the most expensive restaurants near Kidrobot Miami) featuring contests and giveaways starting at 9pm sharp. Don't miss the madness! Kidrobot Miami is located at 638 Collins Ave. and WISH is located at 801 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach, FL.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Waterloo

TwoDaLoo Tandem ToiletComedy becomes reality with the release of the TwoDaLoo [pictured above] - a supertoilet meant to save rocky marriages and the planet. From those wacky folks over in China, the TwoDaLoo is a tandem toilet very similar to one featured in the Niagara Love Toilet skit on Saturday Night Live back in the late 80's, early 90's [below]. The TwoDaLoo supposedly brings couples closer together and conserves water all with one flush. The TwoDaLoo features two side-by-side toilet seats with a modest privacy wall in between. An upgraded version includes a seven inch LCD television and an iPod docking station. When Anne and I move in together, I am going to have one of these installed so that we can go with Frankenpussy to visit the poop and pee gynecologist. The suggested retail price is $1,400 and it is only available to retailers online, so for now you might just have to settle for having your spouse or loved one sit on your lap facing you on a single toilet so that you can enjoy the act of pooping together.

[Via Gizmodo]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Suck It Bitches!

Suckadelic Sucklord 600Ningyoushi is busting out the new Limited Ed. Sucklord 600 vinyl figure! This badassssssssss figure is the first original vinyl figure produced by Suckadelic. The figure is 5 inches tall and comes packaged on a huuuuge 13 inch x 10 inch blister card. It features 8 points of articulation and comes with a boombox, lazersword, turntable, and cape. Only 750 of them were produced, so get yours quick. $50 each.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm Seeing Stars

TIWE OLED WatchWhitey Fresh 3000 sent me an e-mail informing me of this really cool TIWE OLED concept watch creating by Chinese designer Lv Zhongfang that was inspired by the position of stars in the night sky. It is just a concept right now and is not currently available for purchase, but hopefully it will be soon, because it is pretty sweet. The OLED watch face screen features white dots spread all over like stars, and when you touch the watch or shake it, the stars arrange themselves like magic, forming the clock hands and hour positions. Cool.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jeans Are Expensive!

Good Society Straight JeansNudie Regular Ralf Canvas PantsAtelier LaDurance Prescott Selvage Jeans
I was reading one of my daily blogs, Be Unequaled, and they had a post about denim, so I decided to look into a little Limited Ed. denim action on my own. I have been wearing jeans since I was a small child (like everyone else in the free world) and have always been an admirer of good denim. I have tried everything from Levis to Old Navy to Gap to Polo for my jeans and find that good ol' reliable Levis fit me best and look the best on me. I have never had a really expensive pair of jeans, though. I once had a pair of Polo jeans that I got from a discount Polo outlet. They lasted me for six years and were one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned. Unfortunately, they ripped in half from the crotch out when I stepped over a short wall in college. Apparently, now, Selvage is all the rage in jeans. Selvage is the ol' skool style of making jeans that disappeared from the American market in the 1950's and only resurfaced recently. These jeans are stiffer, darker and better constructed than your regular, cheapo-brand jeans. So I went looking for Selvage and found the online jean store Context Clothing. Damn! These jeans are expensive! With prices ranging from $90 for a pair of Good Society Jeans [pictured above, left] to $129 for the cheapest (and ugliest) pair of Nudie Jeans [above, center] to $299 for a pair of Atelier LaDurance Limited Ed. Prescott Selvage jeans [above, right] it is hard to justify buying a pair of these when I can get a perfectly good pair of Levis for under $50. And I know the Levis will fit and look good, something that is not guaranteed if I buy jeans over the internet. Personally, even though the quality is supposed to be better, I think Selvage is just a bunch of hype that will either fade away like the indigo in the jeans or become common, standard fare and will be seen in retailers everywhere.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toypunks DVD Now Available For Pre-order

After one wild ride, the Toypunks Vol 1 DVD is now available for pre-order! 17.99 plus 4.00 domestic shipping. The DVD will ship DECEMBER 1st!

Toypunks Volume 1 is an odyssey into the world of Japanese toys, fashion and punk rock. Exploring the birth of the designer vinyl explosion from its roots in character culture and punk music, Toypunks Volume 1 takes you in-depth with Japanese fashion icon, Hikaru Iwanaga, creator of the world's first designer toy. Hiddy Kinoshita of Secret Base, Frank Kozik, Balzac, Three Tides Tattoo and more are interviewed highlighting profound cross-cultural connections between today's top creative talents in toys and fashion.

Extras include:
  • Uncut Bounty Hunter Interview Ecerpts!

  • Hiddy Kinoshita on Sneaker Collecting!

  • Frank Kozik on the Death of the Undergound!

  • Live Sculpting Session with Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel!

  • And more!

Toypunks on DVD: Retail 17.99

Shipping: 4.00

Please send payment and shipping information via paypal to

Monday, November 19, 2007

Keep It Ninja

Keep it NinjaKeep it NinjaShawnimals creator Shawn Smith has created a variety of new Ninjatown-inspired works for his My Plastic Heart art exhibition in December including never-before-seen fabric collages. These multi-layered wall-based felt constructions will involve the same style of imagery and illustration Shawn has become known for, except in a form somewhere between sculpture and painting, similar to relief. These new works will be accompanied by smaller painted panels, and two all-new handmade special edition plush – Pocket Zombie Ninja and Super Ninja – available in limited quantities which Shawn created alongside creative collaborator Jen Brody and the Shawnimals staff.

In addition, an exclusive Keep it Ninja exhibition t-shirt will be available and the all-new Ninjatown Micro Plush blind box series from Squibbles / Rotofugi. Other Shawnimals merchandise will be available as well, like shirts, buttons, stickers, and, of course, plush.

Holiday Gift Idea

Apple Gift CardRemember, this holiday season, Apple Gift Cards make excellent presents for the person on your list who is trying to save up for a new Mac Mini or iPod Touch. Just saying...

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Favorite Dripper

Krink EZ-Squeeze Markers
Krink K-71 T-shirt
Krink Choices T-shirt
Krink Postal Long Sleeve Tee
Alife got some new Krink markers and t-shirts [pictured above] in stock. I love Krink markers for their drippiness and permanency. I have marked up some dumpsters, buildings and phone booths with them myself. Just kidding, I would never besmirch my community and break the law! I really like the K-71 t-shirt [pictured top], the Choices t-shirt [middle] and the Postal long sleeve tee [bottom]. And my favorite colors are silver, green and purple. The tees are $40 each or $45 for the long sleeve tee. The markers are $10 for the EZ-Squeeze [above] and $8 for the K-71 [not pictured]. You can pick these up at any Alife store and they do accept phone orders.