Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Amazing Cyber-Dog

Engadget, my new favorite gadget website, had a hilarious article yesterday about how to upgrade your organic dog. The best parts of the article are the pictures of Phillip at Engadget's dog. Here's a cute one of the cyberpup next to an AIBO android dog:

His dog looks so sad to be wearing all of the gadgets in all of the other pictures, especially this one:

Where it is wearing the Bow-Lingual Bark Translator. I think the translation of this look would be, "Please, take me out of here!" Also, make sure to check out this video of a dog-cam product design. Can technology get any cuter? I hope not.


M said...

Based on my - tragically, limited - knowledge of Spanielese, I would say that look roughly translates to, "My colon is still bleeding from last night, you techno-bastard."

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog!
Looks like your mom