Monday, April 25, 2005

Cool Hunting Redesign And New URL

Good ol' Josh Rubin over there at Cool Hunting has redesigned his website. It's pretty nice looking. 'Course I didn't have any complaints about the old design. I guess it's spring and everything old is new again. Or something like that. He's got a new URL, also. No longer is it Now it's just Speaking of hunting, I better get back to my job hunting. Otherwise I will stop getting the wonderful unemployment checks that are currently keeping me alive. God bless the unemployment office.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Abanamanama Hoohah!

What can I say about this. If it's real, I want two! Numark's iPod DJ Mixer via Gizmodo:

According to Create Digital Music it is a non-working prototype. I still want one. As long as it has pitch and cue control.

Koolest Watch Yet

I received an e-mail a from Tokyo Flash letting me know about a new, supersweet, Limited Ed. Active Reactor Radio Active watch:

This is the coolest watch I have seen from Tokyo Flash so far. And possibly the hardest to tell time on. The watch is stainless steel, so it is apparently a bit heavy. I like stainless steel. This would make a nice addition to my collection. Unfortunately, until I find a new job, my unemployment check won't allow me to spend the $112.67 that this watch goes for. This has got to be one of the most innovative LED watches ever made. Me likey. Me wanty. *Drool*

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

One Year And Counting

So I missed the actual anniversary by a few days, but that's because I was out celebrating so hard that I don't remember what happened over the last week. All I know is that my ass hurts and I have a new tattoo on my forehead. Unfortunately, it is too dirty to quote. Anyway, I can't believe that I have been writing this tripe for over a year now. I know it has slowed down a little recently, what with me being unemployed and having to rely on my neighbors' unsecured wi-fi connection for internet access, but I'm still here, still trying to find the best in Limited Ed. crap for all of you cool-hunter-wannabees out there. And for those of you who are going to be in the New York area at the end of may, the B.B King Blues Club will be hosting The Second Annual Moogfest:

The fest starts at 7:30 pm on May 31st and features such interesting and unusual acts as Edgar Winter, DJ Logic, Living Colour, Money Mark, Jason Miles, Bernie Worrell, etc. This is going to be one bad-ass show featuring the best keyboard players in the world. I wish I could be there. I wish I could learn some tricks or take some lessons from these guys. Or maybe just steal one of their Anniversary Edition Minimoogs. Anyway, I have been at this for a year and I'm tired. I was going to add something about the new toys they have over at Wootini, but I think I'm going to take a nap instead. Now begins year two and more crap than you could possibly imagine.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

UNC #1!

For those of you out there in cyberterialand who have been living in a cave under a rock with no television for the past month, March Madness has finally concluded and the decisive winner of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was our very own hometown heroes, the Carolina Tar Heels! It sure was crazy here in town last night after the game. I thought the Carolina faithful were going to burn the city to the ground. Luckily, the fire department showed up before the game and sprayed everything down with water so that it was less likely to burn. They also greased all the telephone and stoplight poles and trees in downtown Chapel Hill to try and keep the crazies from climbing, but it wasn't very effective. I avoided the seventy-thousand-plus fanatics who congregated on Franklin Street to celebrate because I didn't want to be crushed or have my clothes used to start fires or be arrested for public intoxication. I was quite intoxicated last night. I haven't ventured down to check out the resultant carnage yet, but I'm sure it is extensive.

Anyway, on to something that has to do with the theme of my blog. Proper has just attained some new Limited Ed. sneaks from Nike. These Nature Communication Vandals by Tom Luedecke:

They appear to be some sweet laser cut Nikes with street maps on them. I'm not sure where the maps are from, but if you know drop me a line and clue me in. They should be maps of Chapel Hill with little bonfires burning all up and down Franklin Street. I don't think any of the students in town went to class today after the crazy celebration that went on all night last night. Well, that's about all for today. Go Heels!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!

Haha! It's April Fools' Day, and I am a fool. A fool in love with you! All of you! Well, not really all of you, but at least one of you. And I think you know who you are. And if'n you don't, you sure aren't very perceptive, Holly. Speaking of perceptive, I recently received an e-mail from Native Instruments letting me know about their new Hercules Intuitive USB Mixing DJ Console:

Created by Hercules for Native Instruments, this DJ Console is optimized to be used with Native Instruments Traktor DJ Console Edition. This bad little box isn't necessarily Limited Ed., but it is something that I think all of my DJ friends would salivate over. The console features two vinyl-style decks, eight knobs for tweaking gain, treble, mids, and bass for each deck, two sliders controlling the pitch for each deck, a crossfader of course, twenty-eight glowing push buttons for controlling cue points, pitch bend, psychedelic experiences, etc., and a mini-stick to control the mouse. The console also features four channel playback for Mac and six channel for PC, multiple monitor and stereo outputs, four selectable inputs, and mic and headphone volume controls. This thing is pretty damn sweet! If only I wasn't unemployed, broke, homeless, hairless, and horny I would get me one of these to stick down my pants and make love to. But that's not going to happen. Not while I have these pubic tarantulas!