Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Do Not Trust These BASTARDS!!!

I don't think there are enough exclamation points available in cyberspace to express the severity of my hatred for such promotions as the "Free" Apple 17" iMac G5 offer that I received in my e-mail today. This kind of crap really gets me steamed. And I hate steaming piles of crap!!! Those free iPod promotions were bad enough, but this excrement is the worst. First off, in order to fulfill this offer, you have to sign up to be a guinea pig for product testing, where they send you a bunch of useless crap in the mail and you have to report on it. Next, you have to sign up for a bunch of third-party crappy offers, including AOL and Columbia House, which are the two worst fucking pieces of shit on earth. Then you either have to be accepted for an automobile loan, which I guess means that you have to buy a car, or spend $400.00 on some other crap, just to be eligible for the "free" iMac. Can something really be called "free" if you have to pay at least $400.00 to get it? The answer is NO!!! This shit is not free. This shit is B.S. I am calling BULLSHIT on the Consumer Research Corporation!!! They also want you to trick three of your friends into signing up for this shit so that you can get a free Apple Airport Express. FUCK THAT!!! I hope Engadget and Gizmodo are paying attention so that they don't lead any of their readers to this bogus crap!!! Just having to deal with AOL customer service to cancel their free account is enough to drive a person to kill. Kill! Kill!! KILL!!!

[This message brought to you by the International Council of Pacifists for Murder]


Anonymous said...

AOL = the most evil corporation in the computing industry
Worse than Micro$oft, imo.

Ever try cleaning your computer of all AOL related spyware and hidden files/programs? Not an easy task, even for the geeks out there. In this case, the best prevention is abstinence - don't stick that free CD in your slot!

M said...

The weird thing is that AOL's Netscape was reborn as the Mozilla foundation, which went on to produce Firefox, one of the coolest no-strings-attached things (well, in this case, a browser) what can be got on the Intarweb. Now AOL is the scum of the earth, and has been for a while. As for the link to producttestpanel, they gave me a nasty Keebler cookie that Ad-Aware didn't like.

M said...

More on Netscape and Mozilla.