Thursday, April 29, 2004

Art Or Technology?

I can't decide, probably both. This SME Model 30/2 Turntable is the most expensive record player I could find, though. And, at 90 pounds (this time the weight, not the currency), the heaviest. In terms of aesthetic beauty, however, my choice would be this:

Kuzma Stabi XL Turntable
, which weighs in at around 45 pounds. It is made from solid brass and has the appearance of Le Corbursier architecture. Finally, artistically speaking, there is this:

Clearaudio Maximum Solution Turntable
. It is definitely one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery I have ever seen. It has a very clean look, like something you would use in an operating room or for scientific experiments. It is hand-made and way more expensive than I could ever afford. I'm sure all of my DJ friends will get a kick out of this stuff.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Pipin' Fresh T-Shirts

Well, Limited Ed. has been really busy at his real job this week, so he hasn't had a chance to do any digging, but he did promise y'all some t-shirts and he is here to deliver. First off, we got this:

Limited Ed. Levi's Red Tab T-Shirt. Why this is limited, I do not know, but it does cost nearly eighteen pounds, and that is just about the amount of weight Limited Ed. needs to lose. Then there's this:

Sweet Limited Ed. Cube's Posse T-Shirt from Kaiju Big Battle. YOU CANNOT DEFEAT KAIJU! And finally, the most expensive Limited Ed. t-shirt I could find, this:

Limited Ed. Crazysmiles x Maharishi Astro Tee based on Michael Lau's pixelated toy packaging. At seventy-five pounds, or $133.06 for you blokes across the pond, this is one t-shirt that Limited Ed. could not afford to wear. For that much money, the t-shirt better be self cleaning and come with free oral.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

But Is It Art?

So one of my goals with this site was to find Limited Ed. sculpture that was interesting, artistic and completely unaffordable. What do I find? This life-size piece of crap from Sharper Image:

What the heck does Sharper Image have to do with Star Wars? Who is going to spend six hundred bucks to have their own life-size Yoda? Not Limited Ed., that's for sure.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Lonely Limited Ed.

Limited Ed. is a little lonely. Just look at him. Does he look like the kind of guy who gets a lot of dates? Seriously?! So he's been looking for a little From Russia With Love action. Check out Olga here. She looks like Limited Ed.'s type. I mean, if you're going to get a Russian mail order bride, you better get one named Olga. Here's a little sample to wet your appetite:

I am purposeful, witty, communicative and cheerful. I go in for sports, play billiards and bowling, go to the movies and to nightclubs to dance. I like reading and cooking. I dream to build a solid and united family, to have a loving and caring husband and 1 or 2 kids.
Unfortunately, like everything else on this site, he can't afford her.

(In a wierd, roundabout way, Mike made me think of this)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Obsession By Limited Ed.

Alright, so as some of you may know, I consider myself a bit of a musician. But since only a bit of me is actually musically skilled, I require all the assistance I can get from technology. I'm a big fan of the analog sound, and I have always wanted a Mini Moog. That was, until I learned of this, the Micro Korg! It is not a Limited Ed. item, but it is hard to find around these parts. And I definitely can't afford it. But I am obsessed with it, and if I can ever save up the money, it will be mine!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

If It Ain't Baroque...

Don't fix it!

O.K. I found something more expensive than the Viper on e-bay. This ugly-ass Limited Ed. Louis XVth Steinway that would make Liberace jump up out of his grave and salute.

Dirty Snake

You can buy just about anything on e-bay, even a Limited Ed. Dodge Viper. This car is #134 of only 200 made. That's pretty darn limited, and stupid expensive! The most expensive Limited Ed. item on e-bay. This is something I will never be able to afford. I won't even ever ride in this car. Probably won't even see one up close. But I can drool over the picture all I want.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's 420, Smoke Up!

Well, time's almost up on that most American of holidays, April 20th. When the little pot-head comes out of his burrow and indulges in the afternoon sun. You know, if the pot-head sees his shadow it means six more weeks of the growing cycle. In honor of the day that has become synonymous with an American police code, here's a dirty little Limited Ed. standing sherlock. Check out that fatty glass bead in the side of it, dude. I can almost smell the incence now. Unfortunately, any real pot-head would never be able to afford this piece because they would have spent all their cash on a fat sack.

Makes Me Wanna' DJ!

This Technics SL-DZ1200
is probably the sweetest piece of DJ equipment I have ever seen. And for the price, it should be! I just love how it emulates the original Technics 1200's. Ryan2, Cam, Laurin, and all my other DJ friends, if you guys are reading this, check this shizzle out for real!

Small In Japan

The Japanese are crazy about miniaturization. CRAZY! Check out this:

Wrist Watch TV
for example. With no information on a release date, no purchase info, and a battery life of only an hour, this Limited Ed. product may not stand the test of time (get it, it's punny... I am such a dork). A little easier to actually find and afford is this:

2-Way Wristwatch Communicator
just like Dick Tracy used to wear. Now you too can be as cool as a guy named Dick!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Killin' In The Name Of!

Check this shizzle out!

The Japanese Limited Ed. version of the Kill Bill DVD which includes a bloody Kill Bill Be@rbrick, a 1/10th scale model sword, a t-shirt, and a 24-page booklet! You can e-mail Why Workshop if "you interesting" (their words, not mine). This is probably the only way you're going to get this item if you live outside of Japan (or possibly e-bay, but I couldn't find any there).

I Don't Know Why I Like It...

I just do. Here's something I found just surfin' around. And here's another one. And another! And their rover! I'm not sure why I was looking at spaceships and airplanes, I guess I just like flyin' (everyone who knows me knows what I'm talkin' about) and action figures (ditto). They may not be Limited Ed., but I'm not sure how many people would know about 'em and buy 'em, so they may be limited owned. I guess I just never figured Boeing for the kind of company that would produce their own action figures or have their own store, for that matter.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Bold Look Of Krap*

So I'm sittin' around in my underwear watchin' tha' TeeVee and one o' them KohlerTM 'mercials comes on an' I'm thankin' what tha' hell is this krap? So's I go to their web-thingy and lookee what I found: this cabinet is pissin' on tha' countertop! I pissed on tha' countertop one time and my wife threw me out o' tha' trailer. And who is this Kohler guy, anyway. Looks like some rich a-hole to me. Also, what tha' hell is this krap?!

* The views and opinions of rednecks do not necessarily represent those of Limited Ed.

Friday, April 16, 2004


So I got an e-mail from Leia saying she wanted to see more Limited Ed. toothbrushes. Toothbrushes? I didn't even know Leia knew how to brush her teeth. Well, there are Limited Ed. toothbrushes out there in the world, so I guess I should find some. How about these Sterling Silver Toothbrushes for starters. Not especially expensive, but also not the kind of thing you are going to find at the local drugstore. This Powerpuff Girls toothbrush may not be Limited Ed. but it is something that Leia would probably think was cute. Then there's this apparently Limited Ed. pink Burton toothbrush which is probably just some sort of scam. Cheap, though. That's about it as far as toothbrushes go. Not very entertaining, but this day is all about Leia, and she wanted to know about toothbrushes.

Leia It's Your Birthday!

I was trying to think of things that Leia likes, so I googled Leia to see what sorts of things I could come up with. I found a couple of her internet musings quite entertaining, so I thought I would share them. First off is this quote:
I think that younger Jewish comedians are missing. Adam Sandler sticks out, though I'm sure there must be more. What about other forms of media? Books, magazines, etc that are forms of entertainment. Now there are a few magazines, like Heeb magazine, which are focused on young Jewish culture.
Also, an analytic focus on why Jews are so funny, whether it's the subject, the "exoticism" of Jews, or the Jewish culture. What makes us a "funny" people?
From The Jewish Museum's website, which she posted last year on my birthday! Coincidence, I think not. Then there's these bar reviews:
The Boat
Smith St @Bergen
The Boat is everything I want out of a dive bar. It's so divey that the red exterior mysteriously leaves off the moniker, offering in its stead a neon Pilsner Urquell sign. I actually didn't know what the name was until maybe my third or fourth time in, and that was because I asked the bartender. It's got a hip jukebox with such good music you won't be able to decide what to play, a laid-back bar staff, tables/stools in front, louge-feel in back, fireplace, red interior, bathroom graffiti. The locals pile into this place like shit on grass, but actually smell much better and provide delightful eye candy. - lg

The Gowanus Yacht Club
Smith St @President St.
Contrary to the snobby name of this place, you will feel totally at home at the Gowanus Yacht Club, where you can wash down a hotdog (reg. and veggie) with a nice cold PBR, all for less than $3. This place is usually crowded with Carroll Gardens cool kids, but it is an incredibly welcoming space. The kind bartenders fancy classic rock, or some variation thereof, which feels so good, and takes me back to high school nights when I'd drink cans of Natural Light and make out on the football field. The beers are pretty cheap but there's a good variety, there's food on the grill, and you're in the great outdoors. What more could you ask for? Maybe an insulated space for winter? This outdoor bar is absolutely amazing in the warmer months, but unfortunately goes into hibernation in the colder ones. - lg

Court St @Luquer St
Dog lovers unite. This neighborhood bar named after a pup has an open door policy on canines. But that's not all. With some of the best selection of beers in Brooklyn, you'll be the one who wants to drink out of a bowl. There's a game room in back, a pool table flooding the main room, and Jeff Beck plus some pretty decent funk on the jukebox. I used to frequent this place when I lived in Carroll Gardens, and fell in crush with Jerry, the sweetest middle-aged Irish bartender around. For a while, I thought he was Sparky (it was those beautiful blue eyes), but then I noticed a dog on all their paraphenalia, and figured it out. The bar is limited to beer or wine only, but usually have pretty decent specials on drinks with more than 8% alcohol, for all you fiends out there. Watch out for the three-legged dog; he'll lick your hand till it's raw. - lg
From the good-ish section of the Modular Moods Records website. How Leia got on that website is anybody's guess. Well, now I have a few more clues to what Leia likes: Jews, booze and Modular Moods.

Happy Birthday Leia!

In honor of Leia's birthday today, April 16th, I am doing an all Leia edition of Special Ed. Only items that I think (I don't know for sure, because who really knows?) that Leia would like. First of all, I first heard of Buzz Rickson jackets while reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Then I was hanging out with Leia, Seth and the 'Rents in NYC and lo and behold, Leia was looking for a jacket very similar to the one and only Rickson. Only she wanted the one with the fold-down hood. Which they don't have a picture of on this site, but of course, she couldn't afford it anyway.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Kill Bill Vol. II

While I'm on the ol' Kill Bill and sneaker kick here, check out the Limited Ed. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi shoes from Volume I. Now you can win your own pair! Or you can buy them, if you can find them. Supposedly, they have them at the Cat Shack in Chapel Hill, for those of you who live here (you know who you are).


I had to post this pic:

Also from the Sneaker Pimps exhibit in Tokyo, just because it reminded me of my up-cumming album, Audio Porn! Which should be finished very soon and will be the musical equivalent of this shoe. Also, there will be a music video directed by Mike that should be finished in time for this year's presidential election and will feature me reading, watching, and searching for loads of porn.

Kill Bill

Here are some shoes for my friend Mike. Unfortunately, they are handmade Kill Bill shoes from the Sneaker Pimps exhibit in Tokyo, so he will never actually get to wear them. Or own them. Or see them in real life. At least we got to watch the movie Kill Bill last night. I guess this weekend we will have to go see Kill Bill Volume II.

Grrrrrrrrl Powrrrrrrrr!!!

For all you hardcore chick rockers out there, check this shizzle out! A Limited Ed. Emily Strange Gibson Epiphone electric gui-tar! All you gotta' do is write and record a song about Emily Strange and send it to:
Emily Strange Guitar Contest
970 i Street
Arcata, CA 95521
Now I just gotta' figure out who Emily Strange is, get a sex change, write a song, learn how to play guitar, record the song, send it to the contest address, and I'm in! Sweet!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Worst Art Ever

Can you even call Thomas Kincaid's paintings art? Can you call them Limited Ed. when he produces 50,000 prints? This painting is called Courage, but it looks more like the diarrhea I had this morning after eating Mexican and Italian food yesterday. I think this painting was in that room at the Holiday Inn in Poughkeepsie, New Jersey that one time I was there getting blown by Kincaid himself. You know what I'm talking about Mac, you were there, you took the pictures.

Soooooo Tired

Alright you punks, I worked all night and morning to get it so that you can search my site using google and send me suggestions. The google search is at the top of the site, obviously, because you can see it right there. See... right there... where it says, "Touch Limited Ed." You know you want to. That was the easy part. The suggestion/comment location is a little harder to find (and to write the code for), but equally as entertaining. It is at the bottom of my blog list. Just scroll down and you'll see it. So have fun, I'm going to take a little nap here at work. But first, I think I have found the nerdiest of nerdy Limited Ed. items! This Limited Ed. Transparent Rawcut Purple 7-Die Set for all of your nerdy role playing needs.
This one time, I was playing D&D, and the Dungeon Master was being a real jerk, and he made me face a level 7 bug bear, and my cleric was only level 4, and I had to role a 12 sided die 6 times in order to cast a fireball spell, and I was one number off, and I lost all my hit points, and I had to start the level all over again! It really sucked. I hate it when my brother is DM.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Rudy's Lights

Here's a site that my friend Drew sent me to look at. Limited Ed. lighting by Rudy for your home... or museum. Nice lighting, but even nicer web design. The question is, does web design alone sell product, Drew?

What A Choad!

Sir Richard Branson, founder of VirginTM and giant choad, owns his own island in the British Virgin Isles! And for more money than you can afford, you can visit him (well, not you, but someone rich). And you probably won't actually get to visit him because he is probably off somewhere getting his urethra enlarged for some fun sounding experiments. If thinking about that didn't get you hard, than maybe this will. A website dedicated to the Limited Ed. 1969 Mustang 600! Hot rods get my rod hot! And, finally, for those more inclined to drive your couch than your car, here's a new European only Limited Ed. crystal X-Box! You can drink crystal Pepsi while playing your crystal X-Box and shoving a crystal butt-plug cat-o-nine-tails up your ass! (You know what I'm talking about Mike!)

Penis 'N Asia

Here's something strange that came up when I did a google search for Limited Edition. It's a website dedicated to the Limited Ed. Pelikan M1102 Hercules Fountain Pen. No purchase information located on this page, but if you go to the home page for Pens In Asia there is a link to some nefarious looking buying procedures. I don't know if I trust this Tay Gek Hong person. I also found this Limited Ed. pimpin' computer case while wandering through the google. It is supposed to be one of the best in the biz, brought to you by Mountain Mods. Here's a little more info on their company:
Mountains represent the extreme!

Here at Mountain Mods we also represent the extreme, the extreme in PC modification and performance. It is our goal to offer truly unique items with the highest levels of Function and Form on the market.

Mountain Mods came into existence in June of 2003. In Late July, 2003 our U2-UFO case was reviewed for the first time. From that date forward our popularity has continued to grow worldwide at increasing rates. The U2-UFO has evolved from the beginning with a single line into a multi-colored - multi-featured line. Just as the U2-UFO has evolved so will Mountain Mods. The future holds new lines of product featuring new designs never before seen on the market.
Only twenty of these U2-UFO Pimp Rigs will be made (ten with clear lexan windows and ten without), so go out and waste your money today!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you want to check out where Limited Ed. gets his Limited Edition clothes, this is it!


Here are some nerd droppings from Wired magazine about the "Urban Vinyl" toy scene. A short history, but a well researched one fer sure.

Monday, April 12, 2004


Our friend Andy Thong from Hong Kong has got something new available on e-bay. A new hand-made Pal Wong 12" James Jay figure from the Plug-In Hollywood Toycon in Hong Kong that is the only one of it's kind in existence. Personally, I am waiting for the new Michale Lau figures to come to a store near me so I don't have to pay e-bay prices for them.

Pics From Toycon

I have so much work to do here in the office today, so you know what I'm doing instead? I'm looking at pictures from the 2004 Plug-In Hollywood Toycon in Hong Kong this past weekend on Kidrobot's News & Events page. Woopadeedoo!!! I should probably get back to work now. I can't afford any of this stuff anyway. But it's just so cool.

What Tha' Fizzle?!

So I didn't post anything all weekend long. For one thing, on Saturday, Blogger was all on the fritz and I couldn't get it to publish any of my changes. Then yesterday was Sunday, and you know what that means. Limited Ed. was on the golf course all day trying to improve his slice. You know, Mario Golf for the Nintendo Game Cube really doesn't improve your game in real life. Neither does watching Phil Mickelson win the masters, but it sure is fun seeing another lefty play so nice. Anyway, I got a couple of things here for y'all. First, it's the Loft Cube by Werner Aisslinger. It's completely customizeable, and more importantly, portable. Oh yeah, and completely unaffordable. According to the website:
Imagine a place where your neighbours fly, and windows are 360 degrees wide. A place where you can work, relax... and share life with your friends. Imagine the endless possibilities of living on a rooftop... welcome to the LoftCube. A living unit for passionate individuals. See you on the rooftops...
O.K. If that wasn't enough to stimulate your senses, check out the pics from the 2004 New York Auto Show held last week at the Javitts Center. I especially like the new Mini Convertible and the Mustang GT-R concept car. Both would be great for the transportationally-impaired Mike, but unfortunately he could afford neither.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Pimp & Bang

Pimp Watches have started showing up on e-bay at ridiculously high prices. The watches originally went for $149.99, but I guess since they are sold-out now, the price has been jacked up. Speaking of jacked up, check out the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlayer mp3 player. It's beautiful and expensive, but has no LCD screen. How do you know what song you are playing? And what's coming next? Also, take a look at Bang & Olufsen's BeoLink system, a wireless entertainment system that's more expensive than getting a Dirty Olaf from a Danish call-girl.

Caress The Real Corinthian Leather

For all those PC users out there who are bored with the beige box and are unwilling to accept the love of a good Mac, here's a place that will build you a personalized, individual, custom-made, Limited Ed. PC. AVA Computers will build a PC to your personal specifications, including fine leather, suede, chrome, gold, silver or platinum plating. You would think that a company that builds computers could put together a better website. Don't expect to be able to get one of these bad boys, though. Not even Ricardo Montalban could afford one.

It's Friday! Whaddup, B?!

Here are some pics and the people to contact in order to get the new Limited Ed. Michael Lau figs from the upcoming (they haven't even been released yet) SIXS show at the Plugin Hollywood Toycon in Hong Kong. For some nice pics of the first day setup, check out this action! Plenty of expensive toys for all the good little girls and boys, but not you.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Is That An Afro?

Mike showed me this site featuring rare 1960's and 1970's Adult Movie Posters! Hilarious! And also, unaffordable.

Maximum Minis

Here's another set of wheels that Mike can't afford, but would probably appreciate given his transportationally-challenged condition. Check out the new Limited Ed. Mini Cooper S MC40 on Mini USA's home page. Also, check out the custom Mini's in the Mini USA photo gallery. I'm sure they are each worth a good chunk of change.

Wheels For Mike

Here's something for my friend Mike, who needs some summer wheels. Of course, in accordance with the specifications of my blog, he could not actually afford it. It is the new Vespa Granturismo 200. And here is some info and a picture of the Limited Ed. Coach edition Vespa ET2 that they don't even have up on their website yet:

Vespa has teamed up with Coach to design one-of-a-kind Coach edition Vespa ET2s. These vehicles, which will be auctioned off for various charities throughout 2004, bring together two classic brands--making Vespa more stylish than ever. The collection includes seven unique designs with matching helmets and driving accessories. Each Vespa matches a story within the Coach line, such as "Poppy Floral," "Hamptons Stripe" and of course, the classic Coach "Signature." These Vespas feature incredible detailing such as suede patchwork, crocodile seats and custom paint jobs. Throughout 2004, individual Coach Vespas will be auctioned off to benefit various charities and will be displayed at Coach stores around the country. Look for additional designs to zoom into the collection throughout 2004 as part of this unique cross branding initiative.

You definitely can't afford this one, Mike. It's probably a little too effeminate for ya' anyway.

Do You See That?

Now here's something extremely rare and Limited Ed. that I personally could not afford nor would ever want. Eyeball jewelry! Leave it to those crazy Dutch to come up with something that only someone high as hell could appreciate. Only seven people have had the operation so far, and I'm sure that they are all super psyched about their new look. I wonder if this sub-conjunctiva surgery can cause conjunctivitis? No side effects have been reported so far.

E-bay Adventure

Alright, my second post, I'm starting to warm up a little here. It only took me about four hours to figure out the javascript necessary to get the random header images on this blog to work. What a waste of time, but they do look pretty. Anyway, on to the goodies. Check out these phatty Pumas that I found on e-bay. Only 2004 of them will be made, very Limited Ed. And if you thought those were ridiculously expensive, check out these Nike Laser Dunks designed by Michael Desmond and limited to only 200 pairs. Our old friend Andy Thong in Hong Kong is clearing out some of his old Limited Ed. action figures on e-bay. Check out this Eric So x Three Zero Pilot signed by Eric So and limited to 50 produced way back in 2002. I sure can't afford any of this stuff, or these rare, Limited Ed. Posters from the Neo Grafitti Project from 1999 featuring Shepard Fairey, Barry Magee, Kaws, and Perks, some of my favorite grafitti artists. Here's a pair of rare EVISU Tiger jeans I don't think I would even take out of the box and a Burton iPod Jacket that combines the expense of modern technology and snowboarding. And finally, for you ladies, something you definitely can't afford, this rare 1950's Chanel Haute Couture skirt suit. Is it really worth $2,500? Not to me, but I don't wear women's clothes. Well, not usually. Alright, so those are the results of my e-bay adventure this morning. I will be on the look-out for more goodies later.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

We're Open, Come On In!

Well, this is my first post, and a rather meager one at that. I thought I would start out by rehashing some limited ed. items that I'm sure y'all all are quite aware of. Such as these Laser Cut Nike's on the official Foot Patrol website. Or these Limited Ed. Puma Schattenboxen Boots or these Adidas Chile 62 Soccer Shoes avaiable at Nordstrom's. Then there's Michael Lau's new BB and Box B figures from the SIXS exhibit at the Hong Kong Toyfair. Also, check out the Limited Ed. prints of Kozy 'n' Dan courtesy of T.K.'s Blog. That's all I got so far. Check back later for more Limited Ed. items.