Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's The Shoes

Alright, my third day in the office and I haven't gotten fired yet. Sweet! Of course, I did accidentally set off the alarm yesterday by pressing a nondescript button under my desk that no one told me about, bringing a couple of cops to my rescue. Luckily, this sort of thing has happened here before, and since I'm the new guy everyone just thought it was funny and didn't get mad at me. And now everyone here knows who I am. They're all like, "Hey, you must be the guy who set off the alarm, that was hilarious."

Anyway, I was looking at my blog today and noticed I had spent several posts in a row writing about toys. I figured I should write about something else instead. So, on to my next favorite Limited Ed. collectible; shoes. There's a relatively new (I've only seen two episodes) show on ESPN2 called It's the Shoes. It's all about sneaker culture, collectors, celebrity and athlete collections, and of course, Limited Ed. shoes. The host, Bobbito Garcia, who is a jack of all trades, presents his guests with custom made sneaks at the end of each interview. My favorite episode is the one with skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, Jr. who shows off his custom Futura and laser cut Nikes. Check out some pics from the show here.

Yeah, I know, there was nothing purchaseable in that last little bit there. To make up for it, Vespa sent me an e-mail about a new model they have. Check out the new Vespa LX:

Vespa LX

According to Vespa's website:
From the same pedigree as the first Vespa prototype built by Piaggio in 1946, the LX is 60 years in the making. Witness the evolution of style, comfort, and performance with the core values of Vespa that never change: eco-friendly engineering, passion, individualism, and integrity.
The new Vespa LX comes in a 50cc and 150cc version which will top out at 59 mph. I'd like to sell my car and get one of these to cruise around on, but I do have to occasionally drive on the highway, and I'm afraid this little scooter would not cut it. Anyway, that's the Limited Ed. for now. Check back tomorrow for more fun new stuff.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back To Work

I finally broke down and went to a temp agency to find myself a job because my unemployment is about to run out. I am working this week in the Engineering Department of the City of Chapel Hill. I have a nice view from City Hall of all the peons on the street below. Of course, I am just covering for the receptionist while she is on vacation for a week, but I still feel special. I only answered the phone about six times yesterday, so they said I could read or use the internet if I wanted to. Guess what that means? It means that I can get my brother off my back and post something new here. That punk has been riding me like the family mule to post something. Anyway, Sweaty Frog has some new toys on their website including some new Stikfas like the Rockstar Stikfas:

Stikfas Rockstar

and the Diver and Octopus Stikfas:

Stikfas Diver and Octopus

These guys aren't really Limited Ed., I think they produce a ton of them in Singapore, but they are really fun to construct and pose. The nice thing is the joints on these guys stay really stiff, so they stay in the poses you put them in really well.

Sweaty Frog also has just gotten in the Little Apple Dolls. These things are cute in a kinda' scary way. I bought my girlfriend the Irae Doll:

Little Apple Dolls - Irae

Because I felt weird about buying a doll like this for myself. Not to mention, my toy collection has gotten so big I have no room for it anymore. Half of my toys are still in their boxes in my closet. I have thought about selling some of them so I don't have to work for a while, but I just can't get rid of them, not after the trauma of childhood yard sales and lost Star Wars figures. Anyway, I should get back to work. Or get back to sitting at my desk waiting for the phone to ring. I wish I had brought another book in with me this morning.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Everybody's Back From Comic Con

And they all have new toys. Ningyoushi has the new Star Wars Series 4 Kubrick Set:

Check out the Darth Vader Variant:

It has young Luke's face visible through the broken helmet, just like in Empire when Luke faced his dark side on Dagobah. Also on the Star Wars tip, Ningyoushi is taking pre-orders for the Medicom 12" Star Wars Stormtrooper:

In other toy news, Wootini has released their second figure in association with STRANGEco and Scott Musgrove; the Glamour Cat:

Seen here in its Ultra Violet variant. There are only 50 of this variant left, so capture one before they run out.