Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Most. Beautiful. Toys. Ever.

Ducobi Artisan ToysI am speechless after seeing these amazingly beautiful and ridiculously expensive Limited Ed. artisan toys from Ducobi. They are all 100% hand-made black lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay. I can't imagine the amount of time that went into creating these. They are definitely more art than toy. They are actually very traditional in style and remind me of some of the work that I saw recently at the Japanese pavilion at LACMA. There is an entire room of hand-carved, miniature, polished wooden toys from the 17th-19th century. They also have a really nice lacquered stationary box that also features mother-of-pearl inlay. So it is no wonder that the prices on these artisan toys range from $750-$1,440! My favorites are Koi - Special Edition [pictured right], which has some beautiful pink mother-of-pearl inlay and Guardian of Organ [pictured center], which features some really nice iridescent mother-of-pearl inlay. If I were a rich man, yaidal-deedal-didle-dum! My birthday is coming up, maybe one of my rich friends will get me one of these. Yeah, right! Anyway, back to the job hunt.