Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graphic Art Of Time

Graphic Art of TimeThe reinvented EG watch by EleeNo available at Tokyoflash. Yada, yada, yada.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Like Dig, Ya' Dig

Copperhead-18 Dig Regular Version Copperhead-18 Dig Special Version
My favorite L.A. hot spot, Span of Sunset, has the new Limited Ed. Copperhead-18 Dig 12" Figures created by Hot Toys and Kennyswork available for pre-order on their website. This is one seriously cool and stupidly expensive figure. The pre-order prices are more expensive than some Limited Ed. 12" figure regular prices. $140 for the regular version [pictured above, left] and $190 for the "special" version [pictured above, right]. Damn! That's just the pre-order pricing?! You will have to pay another $140 or $190 respectively when each of them is ready to ship (that's $280 or $380 total for each... ridiculous). I like the look of these figures and the amazing amount of accessories, they remind me of Brothersfree figures (also produced by Hot Toys), but with the price getting up near the cost of my rent for a month, there is no way I would ever bother with either of these.

Update: The Kenny in Kennyswork is actually Kenny Wong, the director of Brothersfree LTD. That's why they look so similar, d'uh.

Also, check out the Limited Ed. Firespecter 12" figure by Winson Ma (another member of Brothersfree LTD) available at Kidrobot.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Jeremy Fish Nike Classic SB   Jeremy Fish Nike Classic SB   Jeremy Fish Nike Classic SB
OMG!!! One of my favorite pairs of shoes ever released, the Nike Air Classic SB Jeremy Fish Edition [pictured above in all of their glory], are now available at Pick Your Shoes. These classics have some great details, like the laser-engraved floral patterns, the "Fish Classic SB" tongue tag, the beautifully illustrated insoles, and of course the cute bunny devouring a skull on the heel tab where it would normally say "Nike". Unfortunately, they don't have my size, so I won't be picking up a pair of these anytime soon, but they are relatively inexpensive for sneakers this cool by an artist this interesting. So if you have an extra hundred bucks lying around, grab yourself a pair for summer wear before they all disappear.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Elbee Bone Done Brokeded!

Machine Works: Elbow GreaseMy Plastic Heart and ShutterKICK Productions will be hosting toy customizer Rohby's first solo show in NYC: Machine Works: Elbow Grease featuring Rohby's new custom Munny Mechas at war as four rogue armies battle it out for world supremacy. Each army consists of two mechs decked out in their own unique designs and color schemes (I especially like the red, black and white color scheme of the mechs on the postcard, it matches my blog). If you're a fan of Munnies and Mechs this is one show that cannot be missed!

An aspiring Industrial Designer, Rohby scratch-builds all of his customs out of hand-cast resin. Every attendee at the opening reception will have a chance to win one of two Custom Munny Pilots handmade by Rohby exclusively for the show! Elbow Grease will run from June 9th through July 15th with an opening reception on June 8th, from 6-9pm at the My Plastic Heart toy store & gallery. Custom Munny Mechas will be available for sale at the show and afterwards online at here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

South Side!


Growing up in the Dirty South, you gotta' represent whenever you get the chance, which usually isn't very often. Luckily Nike has graced us slow pokes down here with a dope pair of new Air Jordan Retro 1 Lows. The South Side Regional Editions feature red patent leather, white perforated material and what looks like a suede stealth swoosh. They also have clear gray soles, but the pictures from the Pick Your Shoes website [above] aren't that good (actually, they updated their pictures with plenty of good new ones). You can pre-order a pair from Pick Your Shoes now for Monday, May 21st shipping. Also check out the other Regional Edition Air Jordan Retro 1's. (Dr. Chen's got himself some KFC cole slaw!)

New Secret Base Mummy!

Secret Base Black and Pink MummySecret Base has a new version of their mummy figure, a black and pink variant, available now. You can pick one up while they last here, at Toy Tokyo (also available at Super 7). I WANT ONE!!! Maybe when I go up to NYC next month I can save enough money to go to Toy Tokyo and get one. And one for Anne as well. I know she likes pink and black.

Check check it out: the Beastie Boys website has been updated and is better than ever. They have a couple of videos of new songs off of their upcoming album, The Mix-Up and some other fun stuff to explore.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Got The Number 13 Tattooed On My Neck

Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Kidrobot 13 Blackbeard
Not really, but you know how that old ditty goes. Speaking of old ditties, sea shanties specifically, my old mates over at Kidrobot have announced the release of their latest Limited Ed. Kidrobot figure, number 13, a hardy pirate named Blackbeard designed by Sket One. Yarrr! I guess this is in honor of the release of the third and final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The Blackbeard Kidrobot figure comes with a treasure chest, map, hook, removable beard, eye patch, and hat. It set sail yesterday from Kidrobot NY harbor, will be making its way to Kidrobot SF today, and will be hitting Kidrobot LA and the website tomorrow, May 17th for purchase. This figure is limited to only 1000 and will run ya' $39.95, so dig up those pirate chests, grab your booty and make a run for the rummy. I really don't know what that means and I am too tired to change it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

4th Annual Burke Awards

Burke AwardsAlright people, time to get proactive. One of 301 Films most recently finished projects, Not if I See You First, is nominated for a Burke Award from The People's Channel in Chapel Hill. The People's Channel website is a little difficult to navigate and it is kind of a pain in the butt to vote, but if you love me, you'll let me eat your brain... I mean, you'll click here to vote. An e-mail window will pop-up and you will have to type by hand that you want to vote for Not if I See You First, but trust me, it will be worth all of your hard work and effort because if you live in Chapel Hill, and if we win an award, you will be able to watch Cameron make a fool of himself on the TV on May 19th by wearing a tux and acting like this award is as important as an Oscar. It should be fun. So go vote, people. Voting ends next Tuesday, May 15th. For a list of the nominated movies and their viewing schedule, click here. We thank you for your support.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sugar & Cyanide

PinkGhost would like to invite you to Sugar & Cyanide Group Art Show Opening, Saturday, May 26th from 7-11pm at PinkGhost in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Miss Kika, pooka.machine and TERRIBLY ODD bring you a group art show that sits somewhere between the sickening and the sweet. A melodious melange of marzipan and macabre. So come out and check out the new works, pick up some merch and oh have a cupcake.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Secret Base

B-Man Skullbrain Forever Astrozombies Skullwing

I know they have been around for a while, I'm not stumbling on something new here, but I just have to say how much I enjoy the work of Secret Base. Their toys are some of the coolest ever created. They have that perfect mix of cute and scary, adorable yet grotesque. They are made of soft vinyl with miniature plushies stuffed inside and average about five inches tall, just the right size. I like the wide variety of different color vinyl used on the figures and different materials used for the plush innards.

My favorite examples of their recent work are the B-Man Skullbrain Forever [pictured above, left] with its Batman sheets plushy innards and the Astrozombies Skullwing figure [pictured above, right] with an 80's pink plaid plushy, that was available at the Astrozombies booth at Superfestival 42 on April 29th, and is darn near impossible to find now.

The only complaints I have about the Secret Base toys are their price and availability. They are a little too expensive to collect the immense variety that they produce, you have to be selective, get just the best-of-the-best. I don't know how the Japanese do it, with Secret Base headquarters in Shibuya-ku,Tokyo. I would be there everyday to check out their new creations. And you have to know where to look to find them outside of Japan. There are two good places on the interweb to start your Secret Base collection here in the States: Toy Tokyo in New York and Span of Sunset in Los Angeles. Their prices are comparable, location is the big difference. Wherever you find them, I'm sure you will be pleased with the results. For more information about Secret Base, check out Toybot Studios.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Insolent Candyfloss


I'm not exactly sure what their name means [Update: Candy Floss is the British word for what Americans call Cotton Candy], but I got an e-mail this morning from Rosa Lykiardopoulos, the creator of a new series of extremely Limited Ed. plush toys called Insolent Candyfloss [pictured above], and they were so cute I had to show them off to the world. Each plushy is limited to only five produced! FIVE! Now that is limited. They will run ya' $65 a piece, but they are lovingly hand-made, so they are worth it. You can get more information about Insolent Candyfloss at their Myspace page, here. Of course, as with all Myspace pages, the formatting is all wonky and annoying and impossible to decipher. Anyway, they're cute, so go buy one.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Ten Shun!

Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Sarge HoodieFinally, Kidrobot has come out with a hoodie worth wearing. The soft and cozy looking Limited Ed. Sarge Hoodie by Kidrobot x Frank Kozik features Kozik's Sarge character smorkin' on the front and a military star embroidered in full color on the hood. There is a Kidrobot Army Kid patch sewn on the right shoulder. The "Sarge" name patch and sergeant shoulder patch are both removable. Also included are two extra patches that can Velcro into their place. As with all Kidrobot hoodies, this garment features a lined hood, an interior iPod pocket with a cord loop and button hole for your headphones, stash pocket on the sleeve and interior key stash pocket in the front pocket, expanding rib from hem to shoulder seam, and heavy duty zippers. These hoodies are limited to 256, will run you $165 and will be available tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd.

Also, Kidrobot will be having a Killer Toy Sale from Monday, May 7th through Wednesday, May 9th.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paris Hilton Autopsy

I know everyone and their dog has posted this already, but I find it interesting both as an artist and as a person who would like to see Paris Hilton disemboweled. Capla Kesting Fine Art on Roebling Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be hosting the opening of Daniel Edwards new exhibit Paris Hilton Autopsy beginning May 12th. There will be a reception for the press May 9th at 11:00 am. If any of my New York family want to use my press credentials to attend the reception to take pictures for me, that would be cool. Otherwise, they will have to wait until Saturday, May 12th from 6-9 pm for the public reception. I'm sure that one will be well attended, especially because viewers are encouraged to reach into the sculpture of Paris Hilton and remove her scale-reproduced internal organs. The intention of the exhibit is to educates New York City teens on the dangers of drunk driving and promote safe proms through an interactive public service announcement. I think the crowd will more likely be scary, disgusting degenerates who just want to get their hands on Paris Hilton's innards. The image above is a life size clay model of the Paris Hilton Autopsy in pre-autopsy form with her dog Tinkerbell.