Friday, December 21, 2007

Holy Bouncing Boners Batman!

bonerboner clothing

Today's posts seem to be all about sexual organs. I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just that time of year; everyone is freaking out about what to get friends, family, significant others, etc. for the holidays. That's why I'm glad Hanukkah came early this year. I drove by the mall today and I was sure glad that I didn't need to go in! It looked like a madhouse. Made me horny! Speaking of which, for your online purchasing pleasure, I present Boner Clothing, "indie-casual clothing for the individual". A little redundant, but that never hurt nobody. Boner Clothing features beautifully printed Limited Ed. t-shirts for boys and girls. Boner Clothing's t-shirts come in editions of either 10 or 20 and feature a unique identifying stamp indicating how many were produced. For men, I particularly like the Warthog t-shirt for its prison-stripe aesthetic and the Gasmask tee 'cause I like gas masks (like the ones done by Three-Zero Toys). In the women's t-shirt arena, I like the Street Camel tee and the Spade tee 'cause I like camels and cards. The website is Flash heavy, so I haven't posted pics, but go check it out, I'm sure you will find something you like.

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