Wednesday, December 19, 2007

He's Back

DJ TomyLazy DJ Tomy
ProdigYoung ProdigLazy Prodig

Well, Michael Lau is finally back with some new figures after the disappointing Mr. Shoe series. At least I thought they were disappointing, maybe some people thought they were cool. I thought they were just poorly sculpted shoes with even worse sculpted feet and a baseball cap. Nothing to write home about. I am much more of a fan of his 6" Gardener series. Which is a good thing, because he just released a bunch of new ones and Ningyoushi has them available to purchase. I'm not sure if Ningyoushi has all of the new releases because I haven't seen a complete list, but they do have DJ Tomy, Lazy DJ Tomy [pictured top row, left to right], Prodig, Young Prodig, and Lazy Prodig [second row, left to right]. How come all the lazy Gardeners gotta' be black, huh? Do Chinese people think all black people are lazy or is it just Michael Lau? Anyway, that is something that can be discussed later. For now, I just have to figure out how to get $190 without doing anything so I can pick up a DJ Tomy and Prodig figure. Those are my two favorites.

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