Friday, November 16, 2007

My Favorite Dripper

Krink EZ-Squeeze Markers
Krink K-71 T-shirt
Krink Choices T-shirt
Krink Postal Long Sleeve Tee
Alife got some new Krink markers and t-shirts [pictured above] in stock. I love Krink markers for their drippiness and permanency. I have marked up some dumpsters, buildings and phone booths with them myself. Just kidding, I would never besmirch my community and break the law! I really like the K-71 t-shirt [pictured top], the Choices t-shirt [middle] and the Postal long sleeve tee [bottom]. And my favorite colors are silver, green and purple. The tees are $40 each or $45 for the long sleeve tee. The markers are $10 for the EZ-Squeeze [above] and $8 for the K-71 [not pictured]. You can pick these up at any Alife store and they do accept phone orders.

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