Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jeans Are Expensive!

Good Society Straight JeansNudie Regular Ralf Canvas PantsAtelier LaDurance Prescott Selvage Jeans
I was reading one of my daily blogs, Be Unequaled, and they had a post about denim, so I decided to look into a little Limited Ed. denim action on my own. I have been wearing jeans since I was a small child (like everyone else in the free world) and have always been an admirer of good denim. I have tried everything from Levis to Old Navy to Gap to Polo for my jeans and find that good ol' reliable Levis fit me best and look the best on me. I have never had a really expensive pair of jeans, though. I once had a pair of Polo jeans that I got from a discount Polo outlet. They lasted me for six years and were one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned. Unfortunately, they ripped in half from the crotch out when I stepped over a short wall in college. Apparently, now, Selvage is all the rage in jeans. Selvage is the ol' skool style of making jeans that disappeared from the American market in the 1950's and only resurfaced recently. These jeans are stiffer, darker and better constructed than your regular, cheapo-brand jeans. So I went looking for Selvage and found the online jean store Context Clothing. Damn! These jeans are expensive! With prices ranging from $90 for a pair of Good Society Jeans [pictured above, left] to $129 for the cheapest (and ugliest) pair of Nudie Jeans [above, center] to $299 for a pair of Atelier LaDurance Limited Ed. Prescott Selvage jeans [above, right] it is hard to justify buying a pair of these when I can get a perfectly good pair of Levis for under $50. And I know the Levis will fit and look good, something that is not guaranteed if I buy jeans over the internet. Personally, even though the quality is supposed to be better, I think Selvage is just a bunch of hype that will either fade away like the indigo in the jeans or become common, standard fare and will be seen in retailers everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

ever look into cheap mondays? they make selvage denim jeans on the cheap and are of good quality.