Monday, May 01, 2006

So Much Pain

Scope WatchUuuuggghhh... I feel so rough this morning. What a whirlwind trip to NYC this weekend to see my bro's movie The Elephant King at the Tribeca Film Festival. I will have pictures and a fully detailed description up as soon as possible, but I forgot to bring my digital camera with me to work this morning because I was barely awake when I left my apartment. Until then, I hope y'all will be satisfied by a very cool watch from my favorite online watch retailer (I have bought four watches from them), Tokyo Flash: the new Limited Ed. Scope Watch [pictured left]! Here's what Tokyo Flash says about this intense watch:
The year is 2157, Alien Robots have taken over the Earth. Our cities lie in ruin. The last surviving humans have retreated to hidden caves and bunkers to escape the constant patrols by KX-400 Combat-bots. The remaining resistance fighters send out scouting parties for much needed supplies, but their job is extremely dangerous and few survive. Now, thankfully, they have the Arkon Industries SCOPE. This wrist mounted device accurately detects the power signatures given off by the Combat-bots allowing our patrols to evade the enemy. Powered by 2 lithium cells the SCOPE can locate nearby threats and indicate the direction and distance of the target.

Tokyoflash have managed to get hold of a shipment of SCOPE that was due to be sent forward to 2157. We didn't have any KX-400 Combat-bots nearby to test them out on, so we've modified the programming to display time.
The alien robots are all around us. A press of the scan control causes the Scope Watch to home in on your current position in time. The Scope is available in reflective silver or stealth black. The vertical line on the Scope Watch face indicates the hour and the horizontal line is for minutes. Minutes on the main screen are in groups of five and the number of Red LED's shown on the right indicate additional minutes. A second press of the scan control goes into date mode where the month and day are shown in the same manner as the time. For only ¥14,900 or $125.21 this alien robot-detecting wristwatch is bound to fly off the shelves in a hurry. Now all you need is a time machine to travel to the year 2157 to battle the alien robots of the FUTURE! Now I wish I could go back to sleep. But back to work instead!

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