Monday, May 08, 2006

Now That's Using Your Head

Sonny from I, RobotHere's a new way to get a-head in life. "Sonny" the robot may have been head-strong in the Will Smith disaster movie I, Robot, but not anymore. Now he's lost his head, and you can own it! This Limited Ed. 1/2 scale NS-5 "Sonny" bust [pictured left] is made of hard ABS plastic along with brushed metal for neck, brain enclosure and fiberous muscles. Sonny features a semi-translucent face and a slightly frosted positronic brain casing with built in soft blue LED light and sound sensor. Limited to only 3,000 units worldwide, Sonny comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity. It was scheduled for a February release, but it is still listed as a pre-order item on Action HQ. It's got a built in LED and sound sensor, how close are we to having an actual working, full size version of these? I've seen those Robosapiens in the stores, just slap a Sonny head on one of those bastards and get it to serve me a hot cup of coffee and massage my balls... of my feet. They really ache.

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