Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jason, Jason, Jason... Kill, Kill, Kill!

Jason Voorhees Living Dead DollI got an e-mail the other day from Mezco letting me know about the upcoming release of their new Jason Voorhees Living Dead Doll. For the three of you out there who don't know, Jason Voorhees was the killer in the Friday the 13th series of movies, except for the first one, in which his mother was actually the killer (sorry about the spoiler). My favorite was Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, which could only have been better if they had found some way of incorporating The Muppets Take Manhattan into it. I think Mezco found the way with this Jason Voorhees doll. This is my favorite Living Dead Doll so far.

I have been a fan of the Friday the 13th movies since I was about thirteen. My friend Shade's dad is the president of Visart Video, and when my brother and I were kids our dad used to work for him and we used to rent horror movies and watch them at Shade's house every weekend. Then we would have to walk down our dark, wood-lined street the quarter-mile back to our house, watching the woods the entire time just in case some seriel killer was lurking ready to jump out and decapitate us with a machete. Now there's this cute little Jason Voorhees doll that any kid would be happy and comfortable sleeping with. Alright, probably not, but any adult-kid or man-child out there would probably love one of these characters. This 10" doll will be available this summer at the San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago and online through Mezco Direct and Club Mez for forty bucks. More information and pre-sale dates coming soon. Spooky!

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