Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Goon...

Touma Goon Figure
And not Alice the Goon from the ol' skool Popeye cartoons either. This Goon [pictured, right], standing eight inches tall and now available at My Plastic Heart, is from the mind of genius Hong Kong toy artist Touma. And it doesn't look much like a goon to me. It looks more like a dragon. Maybe in China dragons are goons... or the other way around. Either way, this is one seriously cool toy. And I like the purple, black and gold colorway, even if it does remind me of ECU's colors. Even though I just got the e-mail about this figure's availability yesterday afternoon, and the figure costs nearly sixty bucks, it is already sold out! Hopefully MPH will be getting more of these in soon, or maybe another colorway perhaps? I'll keep y'all posted on the goings on.

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Benny said...

The Goon comes in 4 colorways: Black, Retro (a sort of iridescent green/brown/purple), Red Tattoo (mostly pink!) and Blue Tattoo (two-tone blue).
And Strangeco, the US distributor, got under 50 of the each color to distribute throughout the US, which is why they are selling out so fast!
Probably Touma's coolest design yet! Each Tattoo version was originally made for a specific Japanese store- I can check those for you later as the name of the store is on the underside of one of the feet!
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