Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3D Equalizer At Tokyoflash

High-Frequency Equalizer2
I received an e-mail from Tokyoflash at midnight last night letting me know that they just got the new Limited Ed. 3D Equalizer watch, a.k.a. the Equalizer2, from High-Frequency in stock. It's similar to the original Equalizer (which I have in blue with a black strap; it is one of my favorite LED/LCD watches) but the face appears to be three-dimensional, with the lights receding as they approach the center of the watch face. The Equalizer2 comes with a brighter, all green LED and either a black or silver strap. Until this Friday, June 2nd, Tokyoflash is offering ¥2000 off of the regular price, so it will only run you $140, and anything over ¥10,000 ships for free. Groovy!

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