Friday, May 26, 2006

New P-Rods At Pick Your Shoes

P-Rod Hemp 420    P-Rod Hemp 420

These are probably my most favorite P-Rods so far. They are known as the "Hemp 420". Can you figure out why I like them so much? Is it the mushroom, yellow and green color scheme? Is it the fact that hemp makes an excellent textile material, rope, biofuel, and its seeds make wonderful oil for cooking? Is it because I am in love with Woody Harrelson? Or is it because I am one of those stoners that you hear about in the media all the time (even though hemp contains less than 1% THC and does not produce the same euphoric effects as its cousin marijuana when smoked)? Maybe all of the above. Who can really say? Anyway, Pick Your Shoes has a few pairs of these hemp P-Rods in stock and I'm sure they will go quickly. P-Rods always do. Then they are seen on the feet of some of my favorite stars, including Mos Def at the premiere of Journey to the End of the Night.

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