Friday, May 19, 2006

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Toys


I'm not sure if I believe this is real or not, but apparently a company called Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies out of China has created a miniature fuel cell toy car and refueling station. At 16mm x 11mm this thing is pretty petite, but if it can do all of the things it professes in the brochure than it is pretty damn cool and I definitely want one to race around my basement apartment and scare my cat. Here's the info from their site:
Horizon has created a unique, patented miniature fuel cell car and hydrogen refueling station. For the first time, hydrogen is produced externally, can be fueled into an on-board storage tank. Once the car's hydrogen tank is full, the refueling station can be disconnected from the car, and the car can run on its own hydrogen fuel cell system on board, with the simple flip of a switch.
So when are we going to get the full size version so I can stop paying three bucks a gallon for gas, dammit!

[via Gizmodo]

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