Friday, May 12, 2006


Assault button and sticker setI must apologize for my poop-laden previous post. I was very tired this morning. Anyway, a couple more things for today. Assault! Design has a new Limited Ed. button badge and sticker set that consists of five new Assault! button badges and two new sticker designs. The stickers feature one of their new pattern prints that will be featured on other products in the future. They are also giving away copies of their Back to the Drawing Board or Diamond Ring posters with any orders of £15 or more.

Alife Summer 2006 CollectionNext, Alife got their summer 2006 collection crackalackin' yesterday at 11:00am. Y'all can peep it at the Alife Rivington Club store located at 158 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan or at Alife Canada at 350 Water Street in Vancouver BC. I'm not sure what the whole 11:00am release was all about, maybe they were expecting the collection to sell out yesterday, whatever, that's cool.

Thirdly, check out the video [above] for It's Carrboro on Youtube. I'm not in it, but I should be, because I am a Carrboro fixture and have been here for years. I demand to be recognized, dammit! If you imagine really hard you can almost see me amongst the toys at Wootini in the video.

And lastly, hybrid grizzly-polar bear! Raar!

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