Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Limited Ed. Products

Kickin Ass Takin Names  Destroying the Earth One SUV at a Time

I was a little bored at work today, so I designed a couple of new Limited Ed. products. I had been thinking about these for a while (not too long though, they didn't take much thought) and finally decided to put mouse to Gimp and whip them out. The first is a new golf shirt [above left] for all of those redneck golfers out there (you know who you are: wearing shorts, t-shirts and sneakers on the golf course and leaving a trail of empty Coors Light cans in your wake). The second is a bumper sticker [above right] for all of you SUV drivers out there destroying our planet or anyone who wants to tag SUV's with protest stickers. I plan on buying about a hundred of them and going around town smackin' them on the bumpers of every SUV I see. If you've got bad eyesight and can't read them, the golf shirt says, "Kickin' (Donkey) Takin' Names" and the bumper sticker says, "Destroying the Earth One SUV at a Time". Now click on the links or the picture of me on the top right of my blog and buy my stuff, dammit!

1 comment:

papa will said...

CAn you design with old golfer logo, I know some guys who'll buy them.