Monday, October 04, 2004

Yeah, But Can You Smoke It?

Alright, I think I have been looking at panties for too long. Wait a minute... is it possible to look at panties for too long? If I could, I would stare at panties all day long. But I can't, or else I would get fired from my job here at the panty factory. I just can't say enough about panties, really. Panty, panty, panty!

Here's something else to get fired for, or fire up, or get fired up for. A new Limited Ed. High Times 30th Anniversary Snowboard:

Included with this "dope" snowboard, limited to only 420 pieces, is a one-year subscription to High Times, a membership to N.O.R.M.L., Bluebird snowboard wax, a two-year warranty and an automatic entry into a raffle to win a lifetime subscription to High Times, a season pass to the ski resort of your choice, a year supply of Formula 420 products, a year supply of Bong Water soda, snowboard outerwear, a whole lotta' clothing, amplified headphones, a hand rail, a snowskate, a boardbag, gloves, and a collection of snowboard DVD's! Damn, that's a lot of swag! I think I got stoned just reading about all of it.

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