Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bite My Shiny Metal Daffodil...

I was about to use the word "ass" in the title of two of my posts in a row! Of course, if I had, the bomb inside of me would have gone off and destroyed the entire planet. Luckily for life as we know it, along came these Futurama I-Men mini-figures:

They aren't especially Limited Ed., but they are especially cool! And for just thirty-five bucks you get Fry and Calculon, Bender and Robot Devil, Leela and Roberto, Zoidberg and Morbo, and Professor and URL Pocket Men, huh? I think they mean Robot Policeman, but with those kooks over at Cartoon Network, who can ever tell. I'm sure Cameron would love these. If it wasn't his birthday two weeks ago, and if I hadn't already gotten him Jay and Silent Bob action figures, I would have definitely gotten him these.

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