Friday, October 08, 2004

Blazin' On Da' Wheels Of Steel

I just received an e-mail from Sweaty Frog informing me that the first figure in their Limited Ed. "7 Inch Vinyls" project, DJ Danny Howells:

Will be released on October 25th and limited to only 500 pieces. Here's what Sweaty Frog has to say:
Kicking off the "7 Inch Vinyls" project, Sweatyfrog is proud to announce world-reknowned UK DJ Danny Howells as the first in a series of vinyl figures based on Club Gods from around the world. The project is a combination of personality and design: Quinlando (AKA Bufalo Club) decks out the design for this premiere with the design-talent that has made him well-known in NYC. His work has been seen in print, cloth, and 3D sculptures -- check out the Pictoplasma series for a taste of his presence.

The Danny Howells figure is 7” tall, and comes with four points of articulation: movement in the neck, shoulders, and torso. The precision accessories include a turntable in the mold of tribal drums that are accompanied by a pair of record mats and records that actually spin freely when placed in the spindle. A wire connects the back of the figure to the middle of the turntable -- the music from Danny’s mind is being translated to the turntables with a direct technological connection. Completing the cyber sound/mind connection is his ear, which is molded in the form of a speaker. The figure’s release date is set for October 25 and he's limited to 500 pieces -- it will be scarce, but can be purchased from both retail stores and directly from our website.
I think that pretty much covers it. Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Any questions?
Yeah: When is the Spaceboy version coming out?

Limited Ed. said...

June, 2021.