Monday, October 11, 2004

R.I.P. Christopher Reeve

Fly on my sweet angel.
Fly on through the sky.
-Sweet Angel
by Jimi Hendrix
One of my all-time favorite superheroes is Superman. I collected the comic book for years. The Death of Superman edition of the comic was one of the most collected comic editions of all time. I remember one of my earliest childhood movie memories was going to see Superman in the theater. My other early childhood movie memory was, of course, going to see Star Wars in the theater, and I'm sure I would be just as sad if Mark Hamill passed away. But the death of Christopher Reeve especially touched me because of certain situations in my life not having to do with comic books and movies. When I was younger, people used to always tell me how much I looked like Christopher Reeve; with my hair parted on the same side and the same color, the same trademark spit curl and dimpled chin. Then, in 1993, I fell off of a motorcycle and crushed my third lumbar vertebrae. I was extremely, extremely lucky that I was not paralyzed. I didn't even need surgery, although I was in the hospital for two weeks, flat on my back in excrutiating pain, then in a back brace for six months, and I will never be completely healed. So when Christopher Reeve, a man I had so admired for being Superman, broke his neck falling off of a horse, I felt like I could sympathize. Of course, my injuries were nowhere near as bad as his, which have now led to his death. In honor of this great legend and actor I present some Limited Ed. Superman stuff.

First off, this Limited Ed. Superman: The Movie Collector's Set:

This set includes the fully restored and remastered DVD with three documentaries and audio commentary, a movies poster, postcard set, color booklet, and a fancy full-color box. Next, there's this Limited Ed. Fossil Superman Watch:

This is a fine, stainless steel watch at not-too-bad a price. And I'm sure the value of it is bound to go up. And lastly, because I'm starting to tear up and I can't see the screen too well through the tears, I found this Limited Ed. Superman Maquette:

This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain maquette was inspired by the acclaimed Superman animated shorts of the 1940's.

To make a donation to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, go here.

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