Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Come On People!

Only one person has gotten the right answer so far for the contest that I announced in my previous post, and it was Seth, and he can't win because he was there when the thing happened that inspired my fear in the first place. There is even a clue to the answer in the previous post. Somebody out there has got to figure this one out so that I can send them a tube full of posters, button badges, etc. from Assault! Design. Anyway, until someone guesses it, I guess I will continue to bring the latest info on the latest Limited Ed. goodies.

First up, Daily Candy had a little post on their site yesterday about something up close and personal to me. It seems that my Alma Mater, Savannah College of Art & Design, has gone and created an online retail gallery for students and faculty called, appropriately, shopscadonline.com. It is kind of scary for me to see how far S.C.A.D. has come since I graduated nearly a decade ago. It would have been nice to have such a forum to display and sell my work when I was a student there. Of course, the internet was still just a thing for geeks and nerds when I was in college. Times sure have changed.Gary Baseman signingStaying on the subject of art, I got an e-mail from Michael over at Wootini letting me know about several Gary Baseman-oriented events going on in the Triangle this week. First up, Wootini and the American Institute of Graphic Arts are bringing Mr. Baseman to the North Carolina Museum of Art on Thursday, March 2nd for a reception starting at 6:30pm, a lecture beginning at 7:30pm, autographed pieces as door prizes, and some limited items. The event costs $10 for AIGA student members, $20 for AIGA members and student non-members, and $30 for poor shlubs like me with no affiliation. There will also be an exclusive workshop with Mr. Baseman at Art Space in Raleigh on March 3rd from 2-4pm and costs $30 for AIGA student members, $40 for AIGA members and student non-members, and $60 for everybody else. You can register here. If you can't afford to go to one of these events, you can always scoot on over to Wootini Friday night from 7-9pm for a free signing by Gary. I'm sure the stuff being signed isn't free, but if you just want to brave the long lines and get a look at Gary and his work, then you don't have to pay anything. The timeline is very strict for this event, so get there early.

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