Friday, October 12, 2007

You Want It MF?! You Got It!!!

I just got e-mail from Michael over at Wootini, who I have missed getting e-mails from over the last couple of months, letting me know that they will be having a new show going up tonight, Friday, October 12th at 7:00pm. The show is by artists Martina and Frank Russo of MF Gallery in New York City. New York City?! It must be good! The show will run through November 6th. Here's the press release from Wootini:
Martina Secondo Russo and Frank Russo of MF Gallery in Manhattan, NY are bringing down a visual onslaught of art that is sure to horrify the weak and tickle the fancies of the bold. If you're a fan of Zombies, Monsters, GWAR, Metal, Sideshow Freaks or Horror Flicks, know this: these two are the East Coast's masters. They have endlessly and successfully shown some of the best art having anything to do with the pulp-monster universe that your fangs so fiercely crave.
Sounds perfect for this time of year, what with Halloween quickly creeping up ("quickly creeping", is that an oxymoron?). "Family" will be providing the deep grooves and there will be treats, as usual. I will be there in my scariest Halloween costume: my own face!!!

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