Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New(de) Photos At 20ltd

Bob Carlos Clarke photos20ltd, the online store that sells 20 Limited Ed. items at a time, then restocks with new items once the old have been usurped, has acquired several photographs from Bob Carlos Clarke's 2004 exhibit, Love-Dolls Never Die. Unfortunately, people do, and Clarke passed away soon after the exhibition, therefore very few signed and numbered prints from the show are available. 20ltd has several of the photos available for purchase in both large (43 x 56 inches) and small (24 x 36 inches) formats. Many of the large format images are directly from the exhibit and are the only known copies of the images. The smaller format images are numbered out of 100, but in most cases fewer than twelve were actually produced. I am not even going to provide the price ranges for these pieces, because unless you are a serious art collector, don't even bother thinking about buying these. They are that expensive.

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