Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ladies First

Womens Metallic Converse All StarsI have a ton of toys to report on today, but first, a little something for the ladies. Kicks/Hi has apparently got mad product in the building, including a ton of cool stuff for the ladies. First off, they got these hawt women's Converse Metallic All Star Chucks [pictured above]. Metallic is apparently the new black, so if you are planning on being fashion-forward this Fall, pick up something metallic. Personally, I like knives, so nice and shiny... and sharp. Perfect for Halloween. Kicks/Hi also has a wide variety of new women's Nike sneakers in stock, including the Tweed Internationalists and Black Velvet All Courts [pictured below, left to right]. Not as shiny as the Chucks, but still pretty.Tweed Internationalist and Black Velvet All CourtAnd finally, a little something to outfit the top half, my favorite half, of the ladies: some t-shirts from Made Me [pictured below]. Also, check out Kicks/Hi's online store here for more product that you can get if you don't live in Hawaii.Made Me Shiny and NewMade Me Lips

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