Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pulling Tubes

Kyokusen watch by TokyoflashE-mail blah, blah, blah... Tokyoflash blah, blah... new watch blah...

Sorry, I'm a little tired this morning. I stayed up late last night working on a top secret project. More will be revealed on that later, but for now I must keep it secret (I can say that it has something to do with a "new toy" and "design").

Anywho, Tokyoflash has a new watch available in their web store. It is the Kyokusen Digital Tube LED watch [pictured above]. Kyokusen means "curved line" in Japanese. This is another one of those watches that requires an advanced degree in mathematics to decipher. The curved row of bars represent the hours, the outer ring of dots represent five minute intervals and the inner ring of dots represent individual minutes. There is no way to tell a.m. from p.m. and there is no date on the watch, but you won't need either when you are getting laid as much as you will be when people see you wearing this watch. The watch comes in three styles, IP black with blue LED's and a black leather strap, IP black with green LED's and a black leather strap or IP silver with multicolored LED's and a mottled leather strap. I like the green one the best. The Kyokusen will run ya' ¥13,900 or $120.14.

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