Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who's The Leader Of The Club That's Made For You And Me?

ESC Mousey MicciErick Scarecrow of Esc-Toy Ltd. fame has just announced the release of a new toy, his latest plush offering, known lovingly as Mousey Micci [pictured above and below]. Mousey Micci is 12-inches tall, comes in three different colorways also known as Super Hi-Tech Mousey Suits that are armed with different abilities, and retails for $24.99 each. The green variant is currently available on the Esc-Toy Ltd. eBay store. Mousey Micci is the only surviving alien from his armada that made it through an asteroid belt on their way to conquer Earth. I like how it has a second set of eyes in the mouth area like a costumed character from an amusement park. Very cute. Those interested in wholesale distribution of Mousey Micci should contact DKE Toys at Mousey Micci

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