Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pink Is The New Clear

SB FC FrankenghostSB FC Ghostfighter
One of my favorite online toy stores and print magazines and probably my favorite place for Neo-Kaiju, Super 7, has just gotten in the new Secret Base Fan Club Frankenghost [pictured above, left] and Ghostfighter [above, right]. These are two of my favorite Secret Base sculpts, and I love the Inner Demons ghost-sheets plushies inside the soft, soft vinyl. So delicious... Anyway, each is available for $65 until they run out, which will probably happen quickly 'cause these guys don't come around often. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the pink and yellow colorway, but I'm sure there are some girly toy collectors (or girl toy collectors, if there is such a thing) out there who would just eat these guys up. Alright, so I am a little girly. I am a giant, hairy, bearded girl. Take that, society!

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