Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duke Sucks?

Under Crown Duke Suck t-shirtUnder Crown Duke Sucks t-shirt detail

So says Under Crown with their new (ish) t-shirt [pictured above] available now at Pick Your Shoes. As someone who was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, had to decide in kindergarten whether I was a Duke or a Carolina fan (I picked Duke because all of the smart kids were Duke fans and this extremely annoying kid who lived in my neighborhood was a huge Carolina fan), has worked at Duke, had Duke pay my college tuition because my mother worked there for 20-some years and that's what they do for valued employees; I think this t-shirt and the whole sentiment of hating Duke is hilarious.

What, people hate Duke because they are good at basketball? Because they win games (and the occasional tournament)? Or do people hate Duke because they are an extremely competitive school with a great academic reputation? Maybe they hate Duke because they have one of the best medical centers in the country and they are jealous? That's a good reason to hate them, right? I know Duke didn't do too well this year in the NCAA tournament, which everyone here in Chapel Hill is loving, but why so much hatred for them outside of North Carolina? I guess people just hate them because Coach K looks like a constipated rat. And that's a great, extremely shallow reason to hate a university. Good job, folks! Now how do I mark this post so people realize I am being sarcastic?

Bring on the comment backlash, bitches!

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M said...

Sarcasm aside, the answer is obvious: people hate Duke because Duke sucks.