Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Alec GrossmanJosh Schachter

The other night I was talking to Mac about people I used to know that I hadn't stayed in touch with, and I decided to Google a couple of my old friends and roommates from college, and guess what I found? I found out that my old roommate from Carnegie Mellon University, Josh Schachter, is the creator of del.icio.us, creator of geoURL and co-creator of Memepool and his share of the buyout of del.icio.us by Yahoo! was apparently $15 million*! Whah?! Why didn't I stay in touch with him?! What kind of idiot am I?! Well, I'm the idiot who said, "I'll have the plate of vomit." Now I think I am going to go curl up in a little ball in the corner and shoot myself. Awlsome.

*When I was going to school with Josh, I always knew he would end up striking it rich.

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papawill said...

Send him your contact info so he can buy some of your art.