Friday, March 28, 2008


Mike's Birthday PumasAnd not this Mike Lucas the gay porn star, but this Michael Lucas the short film auteur who directed such classic masterpieces as South Fork and Sustenance and has worked with David Gordon Green, the well-known and acclaimed director of Pineapple Express and All the Real Girls. Mike is a huge vinyl junkie (his vinyl weighs a ton, I know, it is being stored at my apartment right now) and Puma aficionado, so in honor of his b-day, here are some prime cuts from Madlib - Blunted In The Bomb Shelter. According to Turntable Lab:
Madlib - Blunted In The Bomb ShelterBefore there was Greensleeves or Virgin, Trojan held a firm lock on the British [Reggae] scene, releasing nearly all the important titles from the mid-60's through mid-70's. Madlib takes full run of their catalogue straight through the 80's, with a particular hankerin' for tunes in the following order: drums, stoner deluxe dubs, comedy and songs which in any way make mention of herb. Dunno if he had previous knowledge of reggae or if he just jumped into a couple stacks, but Madlib's ear lead him to a balanced attack of well-loved stuff (but nothing really saccharine), rarities, tough dubs and a lot of interesting tracks that regular reggae heads might pass over. The mixing is close to official reggae style, every song given about a minute playtime without much traditional mixing going on- most times he just effects his way between tunes dropping and dubbing vocal intros.
And I have designed a pair of sick Puma Baskets [pictured above] in Mike's honor. I picked the camo pattern because I remember Mike in the summer, always wearing his cut off camo pants, Puma t-shirt and his blue and yellow Pumas. You still rockin' that outfit, Mike? Anyway, happy birthday, buddy. Keep making those crazy films!

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On Mike's birthday ... pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot.