Thursday, March 27, 2008


Scott, Disco and Blake LivelyMy cousin Scotty G., a well-known ladies man and one of the biggest UNC basketball fans I know (what that has to do with anything is anybody's guess, but he does organize our annual Battle of the Biscuits NCAA Basketball Tournament pool, which I still have not sent him a check for this year), was captured with his dog Disco today on Celebrity Dog Watcher hamming it up with Blake Lively on the set of the CW abomination Gossip Girl. Hey Scott, where's Magnolia? Does she know you're scamming on celebrities? And using Disco as your tool, no less. Shameless! (I would have done the same thing!) Go Scoot!

Nice kicks, Scott. Are those hemp Nike Dunks?


scottggrossman said...

They are corduroy Dunks, but thanks for noticing and thanks for the shoutout! And Duke does suck.

scottggrossman said...

Speaking of Carolina, you could also mention these Jordans


Limited Ed. said...

Yeah, those kicks are mad sold out, though. And seriously, nearly a thousand bucks for those ugly-ass kicks, damn! Just go here and customize your own sick Jordans!