Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Early Cuyler, Is That You?

Squidbillies mini-figuresWith yer buuuutiful sister? You son-uva-bitch! Hell yeah, boy. "Don't touch the trim." and shit. Well look at Mr. Fancy-pants Cuyler his-self all decked out in plastic. Just like grannies sofa. Speakin' of which, where is Granny? She's available too (along with perennial Adult Swim favorites Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist, Assy McGee, and Carl and the Mooninites), in blind-box, 3-inch mini-figure form from Adult Swim and Kidrobot available April 17th for $7.95 a piece. Well alright, y'all, looks like the South's got something to say. Redneck octopus style.

1 comment:

M said...

God damn you for making me waste my lazily-earned money on such wonderful crap. Asshole.