Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sherpa Sherpa

Sherpa Mellow release partySherpa Sherpa Sherpa. Say the word a few times and it starts to lose its meaning. Kinda' like elbow or truncheon. They just become marbles in your mouth. What is a truncheon, anyway? Alright, now that I'm done with my etymology lesson for the day, I got e-mail from Pink Ghost today (actually, last night) letting me know that Chris Lee will be in the house to sign his Limited Ed. flocked "Sherpa" Mellow on Saturday, June 30th beginning at 8pm. The first 25 people to show up and purchase a Sherpa Mellow will receive a free signed and numbered mini art print. Only 180 Sherpa Mellows were produced and they will run ya' about ninety bucks. There will be music, a raffle and free coffee and cupcakes available at the signing, so even if you don't get a Sherpa Mellow, there will be plenty of other stuff to enjoy. If only I lived in Florida, I would attend this event (actually, I would probably kill myself. I hate Florida).

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Setholonius said...

word. florida sucks the very dick it resembles.