Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Neckface Sold Out!

Neckface x aNYthing capThere's a new Limited Ed. aNYthing x Neckface cap [pictured above] available at Sold Out! Seems appropriate, n'est pas? Anyway, this cap features Neckface's interpretation of the aNYthing logo on the foam front and what appears to be woven zig-zag pattern material on the back, trucker style.

Now, I live in North Carolina, where people don't wear trucker caps for their ironic sensibilities, but instead because they really are truckers! So it has always seemed a little strange to me to see people wear trucker caps who live in Williamsburg or LA (Ashton Kutcher). I never really understood the appeal. Who wants to be a disgusting, dirty, fat, all-day-ass-sitting, hitchhiker-molesting, Republican-loving truck driver?

I don't wear hats, but if I did, they wouldn't be trucker caps. How about making something fashionable like the fedora popular again? How about going back to the days when men wore suits and flashy hats and looked good like film noir stars instead of dressing like homeless people? Maybe if you weren't covered in ugly-ass tattoos up to your neck and dressed like a homeless person normal people wouldn't spit on you so much, you hipster asshole! I'm sorry about that, you know I love you. And I do like the colors of the cap, they match my blog!

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