Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Call Of Cthulhu

Green Cthulhu front   Green Cthulhu back
When I was in high school (like, fifteen years ago, sheesh), H.P. Lovecraft was one of my favorite authors. My tastes have matured a lot since then, but I still can't help falling for this adorable, Limited Ed. My Little Cthulhu from Kidrobot. John Kovalic, the artist behind this creature, was actually able to make Cthulhu into something cute instead of the giant, indescribable, human-munching monster that is portrayed in the horror-fiction of Mr. Lovecraft. The figure stands at approximately 8-inches tall and comes with two little victims to keep Cthulhu busy and not eating the rest of your toys. This little feller will run ya' about forty bucks, but who can put a price on the horror that is Cthulhu?!

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M said...

It is an abomination!