Monday, June 25, 2007

Death From Above!

I'm not a huge Gargamel fan (the Japanese toy company, not the villain from the Smurfs), but I do like this Gargamel x Napalm Death x Ningyoushi Limited Ed. Gargadeath figure [pictured above] that will be available starting at 11am PST today from Ningyoushi. It is red, black and white, to represent the colors of the Ningyoushi website (and my blog, for that matter). No other info just yet, but click on the picture above closer to 11am PST and there should be a link to purchase the figure. At least until it sells out, which should not take too much time.

Update: There are still some Gargadeath figures available for $65 a piece over at Ningyoushi! Only one per customer, though. Better get there quick!

Another Update: Apparently, the Gargadeath is now sold out!

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