Tuesday, April 24, 2007

They've Done It Again

Shinshoku Watch
Tokyoflash is up to their old tricks again, releasing a completely illegible watch, this time to coincide with an update to their website. Their website is a little cleaner, a little faster and hopefully a lot easier to use. I think it looks very nice and clean. Anyway, back to the important stuff, the new watch is called Shinshoku and is a uni-band style LED watch. It features a continuous stainless steel band that wraps around your wrist with a matrix of punched out holes. Beneath the surface are 29 super bright LED's which illuminate to indicate the time. There are three styles available; one with multi-colored LED's, one with green LED's and one with red LED's. Here's what Tokyoflash has to say about it:
The watch's LED's animate in a cascade effect when showing the time. (Button B skips the animation & jumps straight to the time)

On the multi-color LED model the red lights (12) indicate the hour, the green (3) indicate 15 minutes each & the Yellow (14) are 1 minute each. By telling the time in this way it makes it very easy to see if its roughly quarter-past, half-past or quarter-to the hour. With each green LED worth 15 mins; then 2 lit equals 30 mins.
(The time on the watch image above is 9:37)
That makes sense, right? Anyway, this nice piece of wrist weight will run you $114.05, but it is definitely worth it for all of the attention you will receive. And remember, free shipping on all orders over ¥10,000!

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