Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Kidrobot Tattoo Dunny SeriesKidrobot just announced the release of their Limited Ed. Tattoo Dunny Series for Thursday, April 5th at 11:00am EST, curated by Kidrobot's own Toy Baroness. The Tattoo Dunny Series features twelve unique designs by CIV, Eric Newman, Grez, Eric Merrill, Kevin Starai, Nick Baxter, Shane O'Neill, Dave Fox, Joe Capobianco, BJ Betts, Hannah Aitchison, and Matt Rinks.
A diverse selection of artists that have not only made their mark in skin art, but also in music, illustration, and fine art. The Tattoo Dunny series will make a permanent mark on your Dunny collection. With accessories like guitars, axes, wigs and cash money, the series captures a little bit of the culture and humor that these artists operate in. Plus each one comes with a little tattoo gun!
Due to the Limited Ed. nature of this Dunny series, only four cases will be allowed to be purchased by each customer. The Dunnys are $6.95 a piece or $109.95 for a case of sixteen.

**Please note: Due to the graphic nature of some designs, this series is not appropriate for those under eighteen years old.**

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