Friday, April 27, 2007

The Graffiti Project

Graffiti Art ProjectRipped from the headlines of Cool Hunting: The Graffiti Project at Kelburn Castle in rural Scotland. Beginning on May 12th, four of the greatest Brazilian street artists (the twins known as Os Gemeos, Nina Pandolfo and Nunca) will be creating a large-scale, one-off piece of collaborative outdoor mural art on the side of the castle. The artists will live together for one month while working on the project. By taking "street art" out of its usual urban context and applying it to the historic walls of a rural Scottish castle, the artists hope to challenge the public's understanding of the "high art vs. low art" debate.

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Leia said...

That sounds really cool. I like when artists use public spaces to create dialogue. That's what public art works are for, right? Not just to beautify, but also to evoke responses from the public, to create an opportunity for people to debate, and to expose people to issues of social relevance. Go go gadget graffiti!